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How people shop on Black Friday – And how your business can reach them

Black Friday 2020 will take place on 27 November, and this year is expected to see a big increase in the number of people shopping online.

This is thanks to COVID-19 bringing ecommerce to the fore.

In fact, a recent survey reported on by Google reveals that 73% of consumers said their shopping behaviour has changed since the pandemic hit – with an increased likelihood to purchase more online.

The question for businesses wanting to get customers to buy from them during Black Friday then becomes: What is the best way to reach people who are more likely to shop online?

The answer is simple: Online advertising.

3 stages of Black Friday

It is important for companies to note, however, that Black Friday is more than just one day.

Research by Google shows that for shoppers, Black Friday is a 10-week period of research, reviews, and purchasing – and starts in October.

“It is essential for brands to capture this broad spectrum of interaction and influence by maintaining a presence across the consumer’s purchase journey,” said Google.

It then went on to detail the “3 stages of Black Friday” for shoppers.

Stage 1 – The Build-Up

Black Friday research starts weeks before the actual day, in early October.

Shoppers are looking for potential deals and are open to suggestions.

Stage 2 – The Craze

In the two weeks leading up to Black Friday – and the week of Black Friday – people look for specific products, brands, and deals.

This includes research, and reading reviews and features on the products or services they want to buy.

Stage 3 – The Last Call

Shopper continue to look for deals two weeks after Black Friday is complete – including on Cyber Monday.

“Consumers [are]… hoping to take advantage of steeper Black Friday discounts and prepare for the upcoming holiday season,” stated Google.

Black Friday - Google
3 Stages of Black Friday – Google

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How people shop on Black Friday – And how your business can reach them