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How HPE can help your small-to-medium business grow

Small businesses need IT solutions that offer industry-level features without the enterprise-level pricing.

This is why HPE offers a dedicated catalogue of small business solutions that allows SMEs to achieve their digital goals.

This is according to HPE Category Specialist Nicolas Panas, who was speaking at the HPE Tarsus SMB Webinar.

Panas explained that HPE offers Office in a Box solutions that are easy to install and provide your small-to-medium business (SMB) with compute, storage, and networking capabilities.

They come in three iterations – small, medium, and large – and support up to 10, 25, and 100 users respectively.

All packages come with an HPE ProLiant Gen 10 server, as well as Aruba Instant On routers.

Additional products that are either included or can be added to these Office in a Box packages include switches, removable disk backup systems, and network storage appliances.

HPE’s Office in a Box solutions are also Hybrid Cloud ready through Microsoft Azure and partner cloud services – and have been configured, tested, and validated with HPE Foundation Care support.

More SMB solutions

HPE offers a wide range of business solutions that serve the specific needs of your SMB.

These include solutions that deal with shared storage, remote working, virtualisation, hyperconverged infrastructure, and backup.

“All of these solutions are built on ProLiant Gen 10 servers, which are the world’s most secure industry standard servers,” said Panas.

The ProLiant servers offer easy connection options and fast delivery, and are available at aggressively discounted prices that can be paid on a monthly basis over 1-3 years.

“You are paying for what you know you can pay through a monthly predictable subscription fee,” said Panas.

“This allows you to sustainably maintain your infrastructure and means that in the future, you can upgrade to the next big thing.”

Additionally, HPE’s SMB solutions do not require a significant amount of expertise to install thanks to HPE Rapid Setup.

Rapid Setup is an automated, out-of-the-box, single-server deployment tool which has three major benefits:

  • Simple – It uses a single interface that guides you through preloaded firmware, drivers, and tools – all of which are already embedded inside your HPE ProLiant servers.
  • Time saving – Rapid Setup uses a simple three-step process which results in 50% faster migrations, 33% faster installs, and support for Windows Server 2019.
  • Cost saving – You will save on staffing costs as the solution will not require as much time or knowledge to install, resulting in you not needing the assistance of high-level technicians.

Get HPE’s small business solutions from Tarsus

Tarsus is a leading distributor of HPE products in South Africa and won the HPE Distributor of the Year Award in South Africa in 2019.

The Tarsus HPE team has over 40 years of collective experience, which means it truly understands how HPE solutions can help South African businesses.

Contact Tarsus to learn more about HPE’s SME solutions.

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How HPE can help your small-to-medium business grow