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BusinessTech is the place to be this Black Friday

BusinessTech has seen a strong start to November, both in terms of advertising campaigns and readership numbers.

This can be attributed, in part, to many big brands launching month-long Black Friday specials – which started in the first week of November.

With BusinessTech’s high-LSM audience – consisting of executives, business owners, managers, and working professionals – the site is an excellent place for top brands to reach purchasing decision makers.

This is true for both B2B and B2C brands, as BusinessTech’s readers make spending decisions for both their companies and their households.

Black Friday 2020

A unique aspect of Black Friday 2020 is that it comes amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

This has resulted in several key changes to the marketing landscape:

  • Black Friday sales are being spread out over the whole of November, to ensure consumers do not bunch – both online and in-store – over the Black Friday weekend to purchase a deal.
  • Many businesses and consumers have been hurt financially by the country’s lockdown, and therefore only the best deals will be considered for purchase.
  • More people are shopping online, after being forced to shift their purchasing behaviour during lockdown.

This means that marketing teams have to ensure their Black Friday advertising reaches people where they spend most of their time – which is online.

As South Africa’s biggest business news website, BusinessTech is perfectly positioned to satisfy this demand.

Its advertising options – specifically display banners, sponsored articles, social media promotions, and dedicated mailers – provide excellent exposure and ROI to companies looking to stand out over Black Friday.

To find out more about advertising on BusinessTech, please contact Kevin Lancaster on [email protected]

This article was published in partnership with BusinessTech.

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BusinessTech is the place to be this Black Friday