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Gendac IoT propels Sefeko beyond guard performance monitoring

The unique year that is 2020 propelled industries across the globe into digital transformation.

This digital revolution has made it evident to businesses in all sectors that those who lead, continually build a competitive advantage through perennial investment in technology development.

Those who take the lead in developing bespoke technology solutions, impose digital inflation on their competitors – sometimes overnight.

One such example of a South African company taking the lead is Tshwane based company, Sefeko.

In 2009, Sefeko set out to provide the security industry with a cloud-based mechanism to create accountability in guard scheduling and patrol monitoring.

Sefeko initially leveraged imported 3rd party electronic devices and software tools to digitise guard scheduling and patrol monitoring.

Although this technology strategy was effective in proving the concept of guard scheduling and patrol monitoring, Sefeko’s vision to provide clients with effective solutions whilst creating a competitive advantage, could only be realised by actively investing in bespoke technology development.

Developing core competitive advantage technology is a complex undertaking which requires intricate collaboration between business and engineering.

Gendac partnership

Sefeko partnered with Gendac to create an integrated technology eco-system which allowed transformation from digitisation to automation and beyond.

Not only has this partnership resulted in Sefeko becoming the leader in guard performance monitoring, it has also allowed Sefeko to adapt their bespoke systems to provide solutions to several industries.

Sefeko solutions now include Time & Attendance, Field Monitoring, and Resource & Equipment Management.

Gendac is driven to resolve complexity. Their world-class engineering teams are innovating valuable software and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to create digital leaders across the globe, in a variety of industries.

For companies who want to drive competitive advantage, Gendac is uniquely positioned to successfully deliver turnkey solutions, including electronics, firmware, mobile applications, web applications, front-end (UI/UX) and back-end- development.

Visit or call 012 349 1987 to learn more about Gendac’s solutions.

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Gendac IoT propels Sefeko beyond guard performance monitoring