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Reducing unemployment by training young South Africans

South Africa’s economy is struggling due to a variety of factors – one of which is a lack of skilled workers.

There are various reasons for this, including poverty, poor infrastructure, and a lack of opportunities.

If South Africa is to fulfil its potential as a nation, it is critical that we enable more young South Africans to attain skills that will make them valuable to employers.

This is because education is the most important investment we can make for the future of our country.

Youth empowerment

It is therefore crucial that collaboration takes place across industries and sectors to provide ample opportunities for South Africans to empower themselves and create a better future for their families.

The youth of South Africa are key to ensuring prosperity across the nation, which is why businesses need to collaborate with educational institutions to help these young South Africans prepare for the working world.

Key skills that young South Africans need to learn include those that focus on 4IR technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), as these are the skills that will define the future of the workplace.

“Young people are already struggling to find work, and as the 4IR continues to gain momentum in the wake of the remote working trend COVID-19 forced on us, they will fall further and further behind,” said Atvance Academy Group CEO Johan Engelbrecht.

“Many corporates have created training programmes to help fill the gap, but the youth still make up 63.4% of the total number of unemployed people in this country. We need to make a concerted effort to work together to solve this challenge.”

Atvance Academy is one such educational institution which is dedicated to improving the lives of young unemployed South Africans through training and skills development.

Atvance Academy

Atvance Academy works alongside companies to educate unemployed youth, which in turn works towards decreasing unemployment in South Africa.

The organisation has extensive experience in consulting and training, that has already helped many young black South Africans access a better life, create jobs, grow the economy, and brighten the future of South Africa.

Atvance Academy is a 51% black-owned level 2 B-BBEE and SAQA-accredited organisation which is a registered training provider.

It provides an education to 30,000 South African learners every month across 172 campuses.

It achieves this by working with communities to open campuses in their areas and works alongside businesses to find jobs for these skilled learners.

Partner with Atvance Academy to be part of the change.

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Reducing unemployment by training young South Africans