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BusinessTech – The largest business news website in South Africa with 6 million readers

BusinessTech has maintained its position as the biggest business news website in South Africa.

The latest readership figures from Narratiive and the IAB SA show that during November 2020, BusinessTech was read by over 6 million unique South African users.

It also served over 20 million pages to this audience.

What makes BusinessTech’s readership numbers more impressive is the fact that the majority of its readers are skilled professionals.

During November 2020, BusinessTech was read by a large number of business decision makers, including:

  • CEO/Director – 107,000
  • Senior Manager – 634,000
  • Business Owner – 679,000
  • Self-Employed – 630,000
  • Middle Management – 1,065,000
  • Junior Management – 937,000
  • Administration – 848,000

These readers are not only decision makers in their companies, however – the majority of BusinessTech’s readers are decision makers in their household.

Over 2 million BusinessTech readers are the main purchasing decision maker in their home, while 2.9 million readers are the joint decision maker in their home.

Big growth in 2020

BusinessTech has experienced strong growth in 2020, as more South Africans move online – for both work and leisure.

“As more people have adopted an online-first lifestyle, BusinessTech has seen a big increase in the number of readers who visit the site each day,” said BusinessTech Editor Gareth Vorster.

“We also ensure that we give our readers a reason to come back to BusinessTech regularly, by publishing the latest news and analysis pieces which have an impact on the local business market.”

Additionally, BusinessTech has capitalized on the demand from its audience for insightful video content, and recently launched its online talk show Business Talk.

With Michael Avery as its host, Business Talk reached 100,000 views in its first month alone – and will release a second season in early 2021.

This article was published in partnership with BusinessTech.

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BusinessTech – The largest business news website in South Africa with 6 million readers