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The multiple source effect – Why you need to advertise on different platforms

The “multiple source effect” is a powerful force which can be used to enhance your business’s marketing campaigns.

The multiple source effect is a phenomenon where a person is more likely to make a decision based on pieces of information received from multiple sources versus a stream of information from a single source.

This is because the message is scrutinized more deeply – and therefore becomes more persuasive – when it is delivered by multiple sources as opposed to a single source.

An example of this is when you hear about a new series on Netflix in different scenarios.

Scenario 1 is you hear people talking about the new series at work, see people posting about it on Facebook and Twitter, read a positive review of the series online, and your best friend tells you it is great to watch.

Scenario 2 is you have one friend who goes on about how great the series is every day, and says you must watch it.

Research shows that people in Scenario 1 are much more likely to watch the series than those in Scenario 2.

This is because of the multiple source effect.

Top platforms to advertise on

As online advertising provides the best return on investment (ROI) for every rand you spend, it makes sense that you use digital platforms to take advantage of the multiple source effect.

Nielsen’s Media ROI Benchmarks report for South Africa shows that online advertising easily outperforms cinema, print, TV, billboard/outdoor, and radio – providing by far the best ROI.

There are several online platforms which can be used to successfully promote your advertising message:

  • Trusted news platforms – such as News24 and BusinessTech.
  • Social media channels – such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Google advertising channels – such as Search and YouTube.
  • Newsletters – including in-house and third-party mailers.
  • Company blogs – including on your company’s website or an industry body’s platform.

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The multiple source effect – Why you need to advertise on different platforms