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Mustek and Huawei celebrate 10-year anniversary with prestigious awards ceremony

Mustek and Huawei celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their partnership with a banquet dinner and awards ceremony at The Houghton, Johannesburg on 9 December.

This partnership helps both companies deliver connectivity and intelligent technologies to South African homes and businesses – and as an industry-leading distributor in the country, Mustek was an easy choice for Huawei.

For Huawei, this collaboration was aimed at breaking through to the enterprise market and expanding from its reputation as a phone brand.

For Mustek, it was a way to meet the new requirements of technology distribution, away from box dropping.

Together they formed a formidable duo, gaining momentum at the same time as the cloud and other emerging technologies began to take root.

A golden partnership

10-year anniversaries are traditionally marked with tin or aluminium – materials which represent durability and flexibility and are key ingredients of business success.

The theme of the evening, however, was a narrative which told the story about the aspiring alchemists of the ancient world who looked for an elixir that could convert these materials into gold.

Conceptually, Mustek and Huawei are likened to the alchemists, who have undertaken a long journey to reach their goals.

Along the way, the partnership has had lots of trials and tribulations which have helped both Huawei and Mustek learn and grow to become alchemists in their own industry – transforming technologies into something of value.

Wednesday’s event also included high-profile speakers, including Mustek CEO, David Kan and CTO Dimitri Tserpes, as well as Huawei South Africa CEO, Spawn Fan.

These speakers spoke around the history, relationships, challenges, and successes this partnership experienced.

Award winners

The event also played host to an awards ceremony, where companies and individuals were rewarded for their performances as Mustek-Huawei partners in 2020.

The winners are listed below.

  • Top Regional Partner KZN: Khanya Network Africa
  • New Development Partner Award: Bowline Security
  • Top Regional Partner Cape Town: Baraka
  • Top Achiever: Reflex Solutions
  • Against all Odds: Gijima Holdings
  • Longest Standing Reseller: Altron Nexus
  • IT Top achiever: Xon
  • IP Top Achiever: Nexio
  • IT Consulting SME Top Achiever: Motshwanelo Consulting
  • Consistent Achiever: Business Connexion (BCX)
  • Top achiever – Mining: Tech Mahindra
  • Top Achiever – Education: First Technology
  • Best Partner – Work across various verticals including Education: Datacentrix 

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Mustek and Huawei celebrate 10-year anniversary with prestigious awards ceremony