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Get fixed-LTE home broadband for R199 per month

Supersonic has extended its home broadband deals, with big price cuts on fixed-LTE packages until the end of January.

These fixed-LTE products are offered over MTN’s award-winning network which guarantees excellent speeds and great reliability.

Supersonic is offering two home broadband deals:

  • 60GB (30GB/30GB) Home Broadband for R199 per month
  • Uncapped Home Broadband for R999 per month

Good news is that both these deals are available on a month-to-month basis, which means no long-term contracts.

Users who sign up for these packages will also get a free-to-use LTE router that they can use for as long as the service remains active.

Further good news is that Supersonic is running a fibre promotion for people who order a new connection.

While new subscribers are waiting for their fibre to be installed, Supersonic will provide them with a free uncapped LTE package.

This means you will be connected from the time you order your fibre to the time it is active.

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This article was published in partnership with Supersonic.

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Get fixed-LTE home broadband for R199 per month