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The best way to move your belongings from South Africa to the UK

Leading South African removals company Cape Removals has three removal companies in the UK – Basingstoke Removals, Biggles Removals and Poole Removals.

Many South Africans and foreign nationals living in South Africa are looking to move to the United Kingdom.

There are several reasons for this trend, all of which combine to convince many to make the move.

For example, the South African political environment is not in a good space and there is a lot of concern regarding the future of the economy.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the rise of remote working, enabling people to live in the UK even as they continue working in their current jobs.

The impact of Brexit may also make having a home in the UK a more attractive proposition for South Africans.

Another emerging trend seen locally is people moving back and forth between homes in South Africa and the UK.

These individuals aim to alternate between living in these two countries based on a variety of reasons – including those relating to work.

Making the move

Whether you are going through a once-off move, or plan on moving between the UK and South Africa regularly, one of the most complicated considerations is the transportation of your belongings.

This is due to the complexity of transporting items such a long distance – including over national and continental borders.

Fortunately, leading South African removals company Cape Removals has a simple and reliable solution to this challenge.

The company has three removal units based in the UK – Basingstoke Removals covering all of Hampshire including Newbury and Berkshire, Biggles Removals which covers all of Reading and London and finally Poole Moving Company in Dorset.

These operations mean that Cape Removals has presences nationally in Johannesburg, Durban, South Africa and the UK, ensuring they are positioned as a superior option to transport your belongings between these countries.

Biggles Removals operates in England and Wales – and offers a variety of services, including localised removals, full home removals, packing, and protective wrapping.

Basingstoke Removals then offers weekly long-distance removals from the Basingstoke region to Wales, Scotland, Manchester, Newcastle, and Devon.

Between these two services, you will be able to find a great solution to your removal needs in the UK, while Cape Removals will deal with all your removal requirements from South Africa.

Whether you are planning on a once-off move to the United Kingdom, or on regularly changing your place of residence between the UK and South Africa, Cape Removals and their subsidiaries are the best option.

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This article was published in partnership with Cape Removals.

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The best way to move your belongings from South Africa to the UK