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Powerful HP Z workstations – Available from Datacentrix

HP Z workstations are much more than just powerful computers – they offer a number of other crucial benefits to you and your organisation.

HP has a reputation for producing the best computers in the world, and their workstations are among their most impressive products.

HP’s Z range of workstations make it easy to perform all your work tasks – either remotely or from the office.

The need for powerful, accessible workstations has become more evident to South African organisations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent national lockdown – and are crucial to a company remaining operational.

The value of an HP Z workstation

HP Z workstations offer significant value over ordinary notebooks and desktops thanks to their improved performance.

This enables you to perform resource-intensive tasks without any issues – including video editing, photo editing, and coding.

They offer a number of other crucial benefits to you and your organisation such as improved security and reliability, and an extensive range of additional, valuable technologies.

Examples of these features include:

  • ZCentral Remote Boost – Use your HP Z workstation’s computer power remotely to perform tasks on other devices.
  • Performance Advisor – Provides insight into how applications are performing and optimises your system to improve this performance.

HP Z products comprise both notebooks and desktops, as well as monitors, virtual reality (VR) products, and a variety of software products.

Get your HP Z workstation from Datacentrix

Leading South African ICT solutions provider Datacentrix has partnered with HP to make HP’s Z workstations available to the South African market.

Datacentrix only works with leading vendors and technology solutions, which means the partnership serves as a great endorsement of these workstations for local users.

Beyond offering top products like the HP Z range, Datacentrix boasts deep technical expertise and prides itself on offering a comprehensive service to its clients.

If your organisation is looking to acquire powerful, market-leading workstations, Datacentrix can help you make this a reality.

Click here to contact Datacentrix about HP Z workstations.

This article was published in partnership with Datacentrix.

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Powerful HP Z workstations – Available from Datacentrix