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HP EliteBooks – Powerful laptops designed for repeat cleaning

All HP EliteBooks are designed to be wiped down using a variety of common household disinfecting and cleaning wipes without damaging the device.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to be more vigilant when it comes to personal hygiene.

While we are regularly washing our hands and wearing masks, many don’t realise that their notebook can also be a place where germs collect.

You are typing on your keys all day, which means that anything you touch is likely being transmitted onto them – while your trackpad is also a common contact point for germy hands.

Furthermore, as you are sitting in front of your laptop you are likely breathing onto your screen for hours each day.

It is therefore important that you clean your laptop regularly, as failure to do this could result in you and those around you being exposed to germs.

Additionally, cleaning your laptop helps to extend the device’s lifespan – as it reduces the risk of dust and other unwanted dirt clogging it up.

HP EliteBooks – Designed for rigorous cleaning

HP is well aware of this need and its EliteBooks are designed to be easy and safe to clean.

These laptops are tested to ensure they can withstand 1,000 cleaning cycles – meaning that continued cleaning will not result in damage to the device.

The outer surfaces of the HP EliteBook are made with either anodized Aluminium or Magnesium and use UV-hardened paint. Additionally, your keyboard uses Duracoat coating, ensuring you can regularly clean your keys without worrying about the effect your wipes will have on them.

HP even ensures that your EliteBook’s touchpad uses specially-designed glass to allow for repetitive cleaning.

All of this ensures that your entire laptop can be cleaned for years without fear of damage.

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The fact that they are easy to clean is just one of many reasons to buy an HP EliteBook.

These laptops are perfect for the professional, offering great performance, a classy finish, and a variety of powerful HP software tools.

If you are in the market for a laptop, you should choose an HP EliteBook.

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HP EliteBooks – Powerful laptops designed for repeat cleaning