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Why your manufacturing or distribution business needs a great ERP system

ERP is a major topic in the technology industry and organisations can benefit greatly from implementing a high-quality ERP solution.

However, while most have heard of ERP, many don’t have a true understanding of what this technology entails.

If you would like to reap the extensive benefits of a great ERP solution, you first need to understand what the technology entails.

What is ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and refers to the automation and integration of your core business processes to optimise how you work.

This is usually enabled by an ERP system, which works across an extensive range of business processes – including customer orders, operation scheduling, and the storage of inventory records and financial data.

This streamlines the flow of your business, enabling you and your staff to focus on important tasks rather than on manually organising, scheduling, and analysing tasks and data.

An ERP is therefore critical to the digitalisation of your business.

The benefits of an ERP system

ERP systems provide an extensive range of benefits that will improve the overall operations of your business.

They enable you to centralise important operational data that is being generated across your entire business and automate key processes which are informed by this data.

Your decision makers can view and monitor these operations and processes in real time, and can get access to important information such as stock levels and supply chain optimisation.

Good ERP systems also save you money as you can reduce your administrative and operational costs substantially through the automation that ERP systems provide.

Financial benefits are also gained through increased efficiency and the ability to react to potential issues proactively.

You will also have a wealth of valuable information and analytics at your disposal, enabling increased traceability and the ability to respond to market conditions faster.

A robust ERP solution will ultimately result in improved customer satisfaction, service, and relations – as your customers will receive the right product at the right time.

SYSPRO – Leaders in ERP systems

If you want to accelerate your manufacturing or distribution business’s digital transformation journey and increase your industry standing, SYSPRO is the perfect ERP system provider for your needs.

SYSPRO has been running for over 40 years and has worked with over 15,000 licensed companies, boasting a customer retention rate of 98%.

They offer an extensive range of robust and industry-targeted ERP systems, meaning that you can choose the perfect solution for your needs.

SYSPRO offers ERP systems for the following business categories:

  • Food and beverage
  • Automotive parts and accessories
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Packaging
  • Plastics and Rubber

Click here to learn more about SYSPRO’s ERP systems.

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Why your manufacturing or distribution business needs a great ERP system