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Leading mine safety provider wins big award in partnership with Gendac Software Engineering

TAU5 Australia, in partnership with Schauenburg Systems, has clinched a prestigious Hot30 Innovators and People’s Choice award from Australia’s Core Innovation Hub for creating a robust suite of mine optimisation applications developed by Gendac Software Engineering.

As described by Core Innovation Hub, the Hot30 is a curated list of companies that have proven themselves to be top game-changers in the Australian resources and energy industries.

Mining operations are performed in unimaginably harsh and restrictive conditions that see mining staff managing ever-changing conditions, including equipment, hazards and the physical environment.

To add to the complexity, a large proportion of the mining sector is focused on underground operations, where it is extremely difficult to provide end-to-end visibility.

Innovating with Gendac

Schauenburg Systems and TAU5, with many years of experience in Innovation and Product Development for mine safety and operations, approached Gendac Software Engineering with a concept for a real-time, intelligent, resolution-driven dashboard which provides comprehensive, actionable visibility of underground mining operations to a mining client.

Driven to resolve complexity, Gendac formed a multiskilled team and worked closely with Schauenburg Systems and TAU5 to create a digital solution which monitors and controls the entire underground production cycle.

Before starting a production shift, a control room operator or team leader digitally records the regulatory checks, equipment and supply levels required to complete a shift successfully.

Once production starts, the software evaluates machine (vehicle) interactions in real time to alert the control room of any breakdowns, calculate real-time production output, and predict expected production at the end of the shift with considerable accuracy.

Mining clients using the optimisation suite have seen increases in production output of up to 10%, with minimal changes to their existing equipment or infrastructure.

Drive your competitive advantage with Gendac

Gendac’s world-class engineering teams are innovating valuable software and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to create digital leaders in various industries across the globe.

From electronics and firmware to mobile, web-based and back-end applications, Gendac is uniquely positioned to successfully develop turnkey solutions for companies wanting to drive a competitive advantage.

Visit or contact Corne Prinsloo, Chief Commercial Officer, directly at +27 (0) 64 752 5833.

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Leading mine safety provider wins big award in partnership with Gendac Software Engineering