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How a sponsored article reaches your target audience

Sponsored articles are an excellent way for a company to reach its target audience.

This is because an article can easily be tailored to speak to a specific group of people.

The correct headline and article image will result in your target audience opening your sponsored article, while the article text will then get your message directly to the reader.

Simple and effective

Sponsored articles on BusinessTech are simple to execute and produce great results.

An article is made up of four important pieces:

  • Headline: Stating what the article focuses on.
  • Article Image: An image which will draw readers to your article.
  • Article Body: The text of the article which provides important information.
  • Links: URLs/UTMs which readers can click on to visit your website or contact you.

Once an article is approved for publication by a client, it is posted to BusinessTech’s home page.

The article is also posted to BusinessTech’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

This ensures the sponsored article has excellent reach – thanks to BusinessTech’s large and influential audience.

BusinessTech is the biggest business news website in South Africa and is read by over 7 million South Africans each month.

BusinessTech’s social media reach is equally impressive, and its posts are seen by over 5 million users each month.

“Online sponsored articles are continuing to grow as an advertising medium thanks to the rapid shift to digital we have seen by companies and consumers,” said BusinessTech MD Kevin Lancaster.

“They simultaneously inform, educate, excite, and attract – making them a powerful tool in any marketing strategy.”

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How a sponsored article reaches your target audience