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If you want Unlimited Air Fibre for R399, click here

Supersonic is launching a new wireless uncapped Internet service called Unlimited Air Fibre, with packages starting from R399 per month.

Air Fibre is an innovative product that overcomes distance and a lack of infrastructure in urban, township, and rural communities to bring fibre-quality connectivity to more households.

It will bring high-speed, inexpensive, and uncapped broadband to areas in which traditional fibre installations are not available.

A big benefit is the simple installation process. There’s no drawn-out order and installation process – all it takes is a small wireless receiver installed at your home or office.

Pricing starts at R399 for a 5Mbps uncapped service, which enables multiple users to connect through a single account using the Wi-Fi router that comes as part of the package.

The company is also offering 10Mbps, 20Mbps, 50Mbps, and 100Mbps packages with prices ranging between R499 and R999.

Show your interest

Supersonic Air Fibre will be made available in areas where customers register their demand for the service.

If you do not have fibre where you live, you should register your interest in Supersonic’s Unlimited Air Fibre now.

Register your interest here – Supersonic’s Unlimited Air Fibre registration

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If you want Unlimited Air Fibre for R399, click here