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BusinessTech – The safest place to advertise online

Placing your company’s brand online can be a scary prospect.

Where will my adverts show? Will they be close to questionable or offensive content on low-quality sites? Will people associate my brand with “annoying” advertising that blocks content?

These are all valid questions, which are asked by companies and their advertising agencies at the start of a campaign.

Good news is that BusinessTech offers a safe and professional platform for your company to advertise on – providing the peace of mind you need.

Trusted and respected

BusinessTech is the largest business news website in South Africa and is visited by over 7 million readers each month.

It focuses on accurate and important news, and has become to go-to website for South African professionals – including C-level executives, business owners, company directors, and senior managers.

It is this high-quality audience which makes BusinessTech an excellent place to advertise, and guarantees your brand will be viewed in a positive light.

“As South Africa’s biggest business news website, our readers hold us to a very high standard,” said BusinessTech MD Kevin Lancaster.

“It is this high standard which sees the country’s largest banks, medical aids, investment firms, automotive brands, electronics companies, and more advertising with us.”

“They trust BusinessTech and know their brand will be safe on our platform.”

“When this is combined with the excellent return on investment our advertising partners receive, it makes advertising on BusinessTech an easy decision.”

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BusinessTech – The safest place to advertise online