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POPIA compliance is not enough – here’s why

 ·30 Apr 2021

CURA Software offers your business the capacity to be compliant across an extensive range of international data security regulations.

South African companies were given a major wake-up call by the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of their compliance with data regulations.

Many have struggled due to the fact their current compliance solutions are not comprehensive enough to deal with an ever-changing workplace.

Not only have these companies realised they need to align their business compliance solutions with POPIA, they have also realised they need to remain cognisant of other regulations from around the world – with GDPR being the most obvious example.

Many South African businesses may not realise that if they have customers who are situated in Europe, GDPR regulations must also be followed.

There are many other data regulations which businesses may also need to abide by, including

  • CalOPPA (California Online Privacy Protection Act)
  • PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act)
  • DPPEC (Data Protection, Privacy and Electronic Communications)
  • HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

It is important that you prioritise compliance across all relevant regions if you wish to avoid expensive fines that could cripple your business.

CURA Software compliance solution

Thankfully, CURA Software offers your business the capacity to be compliant across an extensive range of international data security regulations.

Their solution makes it easy to track, measure, and implement your compliance programme across your entire organisation, simplifying the compliance process while making it easier to avoid duplication or holes in your compliance strategy.

CURA Software’s compliance solution also allows each department within your business to track its compliance on its own, making it easy for them to combine traditional approaches to compliance with those that are unique to their situation.

Compliance officers therefore take responsibility for their departments, while key decision makers can survey the greater landscape of the business’s compliance efforts – giving you the best of both worlds in a single, cost-effective package.

Additionally, the CURA Software compliance solution is integrated with leading content libraries – making it easy to get live updates to any of these regulations immediately.

It also integrates with IRM and other GRC functionality, allowing for the streamlined implementation of compliance measures.

The solution is easy to deploy both on premise or in cloud environments, and there are plenty of pre-packaged templates to choose from.

If your business has UK clients or international business units, CURA Software has the perfect solution for your needs.

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