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Protect your income with disability and critical illness cover

Protecting your income in the event that you fall seriously ill or are disabled is crucial to ensuring you can continue to financially support yourself and your loved ones.

OUTsurance knows this, and offers comprehensive Life Insurance products which include critical illness and disability cover – along with death cover.

With this type of insurance, you can make sure there is long-term financial stability if you pass away, get critically ill, or become disabled.

Comprehensive cover

The elements included in comprehensive Life Insurance from OUTsurance are detailed below.

  • Death Cover – Designed to pay out a large amount of money to take care of your loved ones, long after you have passed away.
  • Disability Cover – Get the cover you need to make sure you’re financially supported if you are unable to work.
  • Critical Illness Cover – Get cover for over 40 illnesses.

Qualifying Life Insurance clients may also take a policy of up to R3 million without needing to submit medicals or blood tests.

Why choose OUTsurance

OUTsurance offers its clients a range of benefits.

This includes a premium which is based on your risk factors. If you are a low-risk client, you will pay much less than someone who is a higher risk.

Your premiums are also guaranteed for the first five years, regardless of what happens. This allows you to easily manage your finances.

Additionally, if your cover requires a blood test, OUTsurance will pay for it. If you’re unable to get to a lab, OUTsurance will send a medical nurse to your home.

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Protect your income with disability and critical illness cover