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Awesome Telkom deal on Huawei routers and data

Telkom is running an amazing deal that gives you two Huawei routers and tons of data for an incredible price.

The 40GB Smart Broadband Wireless Top Up package costs just R309 per month, with a once-off activation fee of R99, and includes the following:

  • Portable Huawei B535-932 LTE router
  • Huawei AX3 Wi-Fi router
  • 40GB anytime data
  • 40GB Night-Surfer data

Huawei B535-932 LTE router

Huawei’s portable B535-932 LTE router is the perfect connectivity solution for when you’re on the go.

This is because it can be used at any location without requiring installation – simply turn it on and you’ll be connected.

The B535-932 uses a dual-core chipset and supports both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands to provide up to 300Mbps speeds over a stable LTE connection.

Powered by a HiSilicon Balong chip, it also offers an Ethernet port if you wish to connect your laptop directly to this router.

You can even build your own mesh network using the B535-932 as a sub-router to Huawei’s AX3 Wi-Fi router.

Huawei AX3 Wi-Fi router

Huawei’s AX3 Wi-Fi router will keep your home or small business connected with lightning-fast internet.

It supports Wi-Fi 6, the latest generation of wireless internet technology that is three times faster than Wi-Fi 5, and offers significantly improved latency.

Additionally, it can connect to more devices and reduces your power consumption by up to 30%.

If you have a Huawei smartphone, you can send up to 6dB stronger signals to your AX3 router thanks to Huawei’s Dynamic Bandwidth Technology.

The AX3 is also the ideal router to use in a multi-router network set-up if you want to cover a larger area.

This is because it supports wireless mesh networking – including one-click pairing between routers – and Ethernet cable networking – where the sub-router will immediately begin working upon being connected to the AX3.

Additionally, the Huawei AX3 supports hybrid networking – meaning you can connect your routers both wirelessly and through Ethernet in a single configuration.

Mesh networks that use the Huawei AX3 will automatically be grouped under a single Wi-Fi name, and the best node will automatically be selected depending on where you are situated within the coverage area.

Click here to find out more about this awesome deal from Telkom.

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Awesome Telkom deal on Huawei routers and data