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Enjoy limitless Internet with Axxess Uncapped LTE

Axxess has expanded its wide selection of LTE packages with its Uncapped LTE solutions.

These SIM-only offerings open a new world of possibilities with packages focused on both home and business connectivity.

Uncapped packages

The first Axxess package is the Unlimited LTE All Hours package, which gives you Internet access at all hours of the day, 7 days a week.

You will get speeds of up to 10Mbps for the first 250GB, 4Mbps for the following 50GB, and 2Mbps after that with no more thresholds.

It is important to note that all uncapped packages are confined to Telkom’s 2300MHz LTE and 1800MHz LTE bands, with roaming on the Telkom roaming partner network not being supported.

Axxess’ uncapped business package is called Uncapped Business LTE and lets you connect to the Internet between 00:00 and 19:00.

If you want to operate outside of this window, you can log onto the Axxess Client Control Panel (CCP) to top up with Ad-Hoc LTE/LTE-A once-off data, which will then allow usage to continue using the LTE network from 19:01 until 23:59.

This new bundle will run on 10Mbps speeds – even if a previous threshold has been reached.

About Axxess Uncapped LTE

Since both deals are SIM-only offerings, clients can use any compatible router, and Axxess also offers a range of options for clients who need to buy a new router.

The SIM card can also be used on any single or dual SIM smartphone.

Axxess’ Uncapped LTE services are available on a month-to-month contract, while new sign-ups are required to remain active for 6 months from date of activation until they can cancel.

Early cancellation can be facilitated before the 6-month period has lapsed with a R999.00 cancellation fee together with one calendar months’ notice.

These Uncapped LTE deals are mobile wireless services which can be used anywhere within the coverage areas of Telkom LTE, and average speeds are dependent on the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) within the specified coverage areas.

Several factors may affect the speed and quality of the service such as, but not limited to, distance, weather, and interference around and within the property.

Uncapped LTE is another way Axxess is bringing affordable Internet at your doorstep with no limits.

Visit Axxess now to see their other LTE offerings available for your area.

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Enjoy limitless Internet with Axxess Uncapped LTE