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BaseCloud CRM – The most advanced South African CRM system

 ·28 Feb 2022

It might be a bold and slightly subjective statement, but we have more than enough reason to believe BaseCloud CRM is the most advanced Customer Relationship Management tool in South Africa.

How are we this confident about our software? To answer that question, you first need to ask yourself this:

Why do people use Customer Relationship Management software in the first place?

A CRM system is a software system that helps business owners nurture their relationships with their clients effectively. It should simplify your life, get things done faster, and automate mundane tasks.

In an increasingly competitive world, how you manage and use your business’s information will be the difference between success and failure. Therefore, using a quality CRM system is core to that concept.

What are the benefits of the BaseCloud CRM system?

Improve and automate your contact management

Every call, email, meeting, and touchpoint with your contacts can be tracked automatically. There’s no need to do this manually anymore – modern CRMs (like BaseCloud CRM) are connected to your inboxes and calendars.

Your customer satisfaction and retention improves

The easiest customers to convert are your current customers. Acquiring new customers is expensive, and when you know your customer (through constant communication), you are less likely to lose them and to upsell them to other services.

Increase your sales metrics and productivity

Using a reputable CRM system improves sales productivity by efficiently enhancing and hitting targets if you measure and track your performance. A CRM system far outweighs something like Excel to increase sales productivity.

You receive personalised customer interactions

Your CRM should come with lead tracking capabilities, so you know where your clients have originated from, albeit from billboards, your website, flyers or any other marketing channel.

Using this information allows you to reach out with relevant information individually tailored to your customer or prospect.

See your business’s productivity increase

With a CRM, you can easily automate and track regular administrative tasks like follow up emails and ‘catch up’ meetings. You’ll also be able to build reports on customers falling through the cracks.

Are there high revenue customers that account managers are not giving proper attention to? Is there low revenue, high effort clients?

You have a business to run, and your CRM system should be there to smooth things over. Suddenly tasks that used to take your staff hours to complete is now automated or only takes a few minutes.

The top 10 features to look for in a CRM system:

1. Integration capabilities

  • Email integration – Tracking and automatically logging emails.
  • Calendar integration –  Tracking and automatically logging meetings in the CRM.
  • Integration with other software packages – Integrate your CRM with your accounting and other software.

2. Automatic lead tracking:

  • Automatically track calls
  • Automatically track emails
  • Automatically track forms

3. Automatic ROI calculation: Calculate the ROI for each of your marketing channels.

4. Insights about your current business inefficiencies: Easy-to-understand insights on the areas where your business can improve.

5. Dashboards & Reporting: Customisable dashboards and easy reporting.

6. Opportunity & Pipeline Management: Get insight into and track your entire sales process, from your team to your clients.

7. Task management: Create, manage and share tasks with your team.

8. Sales process customisation: Every business is different; you need a CRM system that understands be customised to fit your sales process.

9. Ease of use: Clean & uncomplicated design.

10. Value for money: Pricing suited to the South African market.

This brings us back to our original statement: BaseCloud CRM is the most advanced CRM system in South Africa. It provides all the benefits mentioned above and has all the essential features of a CRM.

And then some.

What makes BaseCloud CRM so unique?

BaseCloud CRM is so much more than just a CRM system.

Our top features include:

  • Emails, calls, and forms are tracked automatically.
  • Our system recognises and automatically assigns any communication from a specific client.
  • You can create workflow notes to never forget about following up/checking in with your clients.
  • You can create your own automated origin channels, including tracking numbers, emails, forms, Facebook forms, LinkedIn forms and more.​
  • Users can listen to sales call recordings in the same place as where the leads are managed.​
  • Business coaches and marketing agencies can use our CRM system to view THEIR clients’ performance and reporting in one go.
  • There’s also a marketing platform included for users to view the marketing performance of Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Email Campaigns, etc.

Finally, one of our favourite features is Call Connect, which allows your team to connect with leads within 30 seconds. Yes, a response time of under a minute is proven to get potential customers’ attention and convert that lead into a sale.

How does it work?

  • A customer submits a form on your website.​
  • Your sales rep receives a call from our system, and the contents of that form are played back to the representative.​
  • The sales rep chooses to connect with the customer by pressing “1” on their dial pad.​
  • The customer is called immediately.​

It’s straightforward to set up; there’s no need for you to be a tech-whiz.

The system is intuitive and straightforward to use, but we also help you set it up and provide training for you and your staff to make the transition process as easy as possible.

How do you measure your CRMs’ success?

Let’s say you decide to invest in the BaseCloud CRM product. How do you know your CRM system is working for you and your investment is paying off?

We’ve made you a little checklist to help you out:

  • Can you better identify issues with current marketing campaigns?
  • Do you find it easier to identify sales and business process inefficiencies?
  • Can you measure the performance of your sales team?
  • Are you effectively managing your team?
  • Can you calculate your ROI at any given time?

You know you’re on the right track if you can first understand your marketing performance and measure precisely where all your leads are coming from.

You should now also be able to automate mundane business processes to save you time.

Finally, your customers and prospects are being managed well enough that you are confident you and your team are not dropping the ball.

Get a free trial today and see if we can help your business grow.

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