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Protect your business domain from ransomware and malicious actors with BITM

 ·25 Jul 2022

BITM’s Domain Security Intelligence service helps your business protect itself against ransomware and other malicious activities.

Domain security is vital for any business as your domain represents your website, company email accounts, essential user data, information about your suppliers, and much more.

This makes it a key target for malicious parties who want to gain access to your important business data.

BITM’s Domain Security Intelligence service is the best way to counter these threats by monitoring your domain security and determining where it needs to be improved.

We look at the benefits of BITM’s Domain Security Intelligence service below.

BITM Domain Security Intelligence

BITM’s Domain Security Intelligence service presents the state of your domain security to all key stakeholders – from C-level executives to technicians – and provides an overview that uses colour-coded grades to make it easy to interpret the state of your domain security at a glance.

This clearly shows your most significant weaknesses, so you can immediately prioritise fixing these issues.

It also provides your technicians with access to in-depth technical findings, including vulnerability details, Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures numbers (if applicable), and vulnerability severity ratings using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System standard.

This service from BITM includes compliance monitoring, allowing you to compare your compliance levels to industry standards as well as quantify the cost of a data breach using the OPENFAIR model.

How to protect your domain

BITM’s Domain Security Intelligence service is available in three forms:

  • A month-to-month managed service
  • An annual managed service
  • A once-off unmanaged assessment service

The managed services products both include a monthly report consisting of the following:

  • Your cyber risk score
  • Strategic summary of the report’s findings
  • Prioritised list of recommendations
  • Compliance rating against industry standards and best practise
  • Probable financial impact rating
  • A concise summary of your reputation timeline and risk scores over time
  • A diagram comparing your domain security with the rest of your industry
  • A vulnerability heat map of the report’s findings.

The managed services also come with automated email alerts of critical vulnerabilities that are discovered during continuous monitoring and a monthly consultation with BITM.

Additionally, the annual managed service includes a historical timeline of your risk levels that is updated each month.

The unmanaged service then gives you a once-off summary report of your domain security, a rapid one-day scan, and remediation recommendations from the BITM team.

Importantly, all of these services align with BITM’s focus on helping organisations improve their cyber security.

Click here to learn more about BITM’s Domain Security Intelligence service.

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