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How to beat the great resignation using technology

 ·2 Aug 2022

CURA and KeenCorp offer solutions that can help businesses overcome their staff retention challenges by monitoring and measuring employee engagement.

This is particularly important in the current environment, with a combination of the ‘great resignation’ and hybrid working impacting businesses.

For example: between January 2021 and February 2022, data shows that almost 57 million Americans quit their jobs. This is a 25% increase compared to pre-pandemic times, and comprises more than one-third of the United States’ working population.

A similar trend can be witnessed in South Africa, and many local businesses have lost many of their employees as a result.

Among the most common reasons for this phenomenon is the fact that employees are looking for better opportunities and working environments that suit their needs and skillsets.

This has been accelerated by the pandemic, which forced people to work from home and changed the global working dynamic.

Exploration and uncertainty

According to a Harvard Business Review article by Keith Ferrazzi and Mike Clementi, the great resignation could more accurately be called ‘the great exploration.’

‘Exploration’ is a more constructive and empowering way to frame the discussion, rather than ‘resignation’, stated the article.

“If you’re focused on the latter, you’re reacting to a symptom rather than addressing the root cause,” explained Ferrazzi and Clementi.

In South Africa, the issue of staff retention is further complicated by emigration – fuelled by factors such as economic uncertainty and instability, according to a BusinessTech article.

This has been dubbed ‘the great uncertainty’ and refers to people moving to other countries in search of a more stable environment.

This includes places like the UK and Australia, which offer both economic stability and job security.

How CURA can help

CURA – a leading provider of governance, compliance, risk, and risk-based audit software solutions – is committed to helping businesses navigate the great resignation successfully.

It has partnered with Dutch software supplier and business process analyser KeenCorp to offer the KeenCorp Index solution – a leading human capital management tool.

This tool allows businesses to measure employee engagement simply and efficiently within the workplace.

The KeenCorp Index provides businesses with an AI enabled dashboard that shows in real-time how employees collaborate internally.

This information can then be used to find areas where employees are unhappy or unengaged, and improve those systems accordingly.

Addressing these areas of concern boosts employee morale and results in better retention rates, as employees truly feel valued and engaged.

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