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DStv Streama with Uncapped Fibre – Great launch deals announced

 ·7 Oct 2022

DStv is celebrating the launch of its new internet via fibre packages by bundling them with the DStv Streama TV box and a DStv Premium or Compact subscriptions. 

Customers can now receive excellent streaming quality through two affordable bundle deals – both of which are available on 24-month contracts:

  • 25Mbps/10Mbps uncapped fibre with a router, a DStv Streama TV box, and a DStv Compact subscription – R699 pm
  • 25Mbps/10Mbps uncapped fibre with a router, a DStv Streama TV box, and a DStv Premium subscription – R999 pm

To ensure customers get the best possible service, Fibre by DStv Internet gives customers an uncapped fibre connection to watch their favourite DStv shows, access to high-quality streaming, and more entertainment through the DStv Streama TV box.

You will be able to use your fibre connection to watch your favourite DStv shows through the DStv Streama TV box, which delivers high-quality online streaming.

The DStv Streama also supports many other popular apps, such as Showmax, YouTube, Netflix, and Prime Video.

How to sign-up

To take advantage of these great DStv Fibre bundles, all you have to do is complete the following three steps:

  1. Order Online – Visit the DStv Fibre page, check for fibre coverage in your area, select a deal, and complete your order.
  2. Delivery and Installation – Once the order is placed, DStv technicians will deliver the hardware and book a time and date for installation.
  3. Connection – Once connected, you can enjoy fast, uncapped connectivity and endless entertainment with DStv Internet.

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