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What Is Cyber Recovery? And Why Does It Matter?

 ·10 Oct 2022

Regardless of the industry, data drives today’s enterprise.

The global marketplace relies on the constant flow of data across interconnected networks, and digital transformation efforts put even more data at risk.

The increase in volume and value of data presents an opportunity for criminals using modern tools and tactics — in fact, 68% of business leaders state their cyber security risks are increasing (Accenture).

The modern threat of cyber attacks and the importance of maintaining the confidentiality, availability and integrity of data require modern, proven solutions and strategies to protect vital data and systems

Unfortunately, in today’s data-driven environment, traditional Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity are not enough to address modern cyber threats.

69% of respondents lack confidence that they could recover all business-critical data in the event of a cyber attack.

Although cyber attacks take many forms and attackers have a variety of motivations the target of their efforts is consistent: destroy, steal and ransom valuable digital data for financial gain, social or political purposes.

Cyber Recovery, sometimes called Isolated Recovery, is a new segment of data protection solutions designed to address the modern threat of ransomware and other cyber threats, to limit the spread of malware and reduce the surface of attack on a global basis.

The stability of a company’s revenue and very existence hinges on its ability to isolate data and ensure its availability to support a post-cyber-attack business continuance strategy and recovery operations.

71% of breaches are financially motivated, $5.2T of global risk over the next 5 years and A cyber attack occurs every 39 sec.

Data is Your Business…and Cyber Threats Puts Your Business at Risk.

Technical Risks

  • All data is susceptible to a cyber attack
  • Primary storage replication can replicate corrupted data
  • Backup catalogue is not replicated
  • Recovery from tape is slow and failure prone
  • Backup copies not isolated from network

People And Process Risks

  • IT and Ops access most, if not all, backup assets
  • Security teams not assigned to assets
  • Bad actors inside firewall can delete primary backups
  • Business-critical/non-critical data are not segregated
  • Backup images can be ‘expired’ without approval

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

  1. Dedicated hardened digital vault with physical and operational air gap.
  2. Protects against insider attacks by requiring multiple separate log-ins to access the vault.
  3. Data written to the vault is immutable and unchangeable.
  4. Malware may enter the vault but does NOT have ability to execute or infect data outside of the vault.
  5. 1st to integrate full content indexing, intelligent analytics, machine learning and forensic tools.
  6. Quickly identify and restore last known good file or data set for rapid recovery.
  7. Full recovery workflow automation to quickly resume business operations.
  8. 1st technology Solution Provider in the Sheltered Harbor Alliance Partner Program.
  9. 1st technology provider developing a Sheltered Harbor turnkey data vaulting solution.
  10. Single source for solution design, implementation and support for Cyber Recovery, CyberSense and Sheltered Harbor solutions.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are Not Enough to Address Modern Cyber Threats

Attackers are attacking systems, data and backups. They are encrypting the backup catalog in addition to the systems and data.

Disaster recovery is online and not isolated to the degree a cyber vault is, and that makes DR vulnerable to these attacks.

An air-gap cyber vault solution ensures that a protected copy of mission critical data is kept in original form.

True cyber resilience requires cyber recovery

The PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution includes a secure digital vault that is physically and logically isolated from product and backup network with an operational air gap.

Critical data is protected within the vault in an immutable format with retention periods locked.

This gives you the best possible chance for recovery if your primary backups have been compromised or your DR location has been breached or infected.

Without a Cyber Recovery solution a company spends significant time recovering the last backups without knowing if they are good or not. This is a long, labor intense, iterative and costly.

Why PowerProtect Cyber Recovery?

The last line of data protection defense against cyber-attacks

Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery automates workflows end-to-end to protect critical data, identify suspicious activity, and perform data recovery when required.

The Cyber Recovery vault is disconnected from the network via an automated air gap and stores all critical data off-network to isolate it from attack.

This promotes business resiliency, provides assurance following extreme data loss or destruction and includes both business and technology configuration data to enable rapid recovery of the environment and resumption of normal business operations.

  • Critical data resides off-network and isolated from cyber attack
  • Cyber Recovery vault is air gapped from the network to prevent access
  • Updated through replication process based on acceptable risk exposure limits of uptime connectivity and data loss parameters
  • Remediated against threats while off-line and capable of retaining iterative copies to current –n versions (based on business needs)
  • Allows complete visibility into the integrity of all the data and metadata protected
  • Increase effectiveness of Prevent/Detect cybersecurity when performed in protected environment
  • Diagnosis of attack vectors can take place within an isolated vault environment
  • Analytics monitor the integrity of data that is backed up and the integrity of the backup catalog.

Proven, Experienced Cyber Recovery Consulting Services

With a team of consultants who bring deep experience in the design and deployment of Cyber Recovery solutions, as well as decades of disaster recovery and business knowledge, Dell can help your business operationalize a Cyber Recovery vault.

This can include identifying vault requirements, data sets, apps, workload sequencing and more for the vault.

  • Cyber Recovery Base Delivery – Quickly install and initialize operation of the cyber recovery vault
  • Cyber Recovery Advanced Implementation – Provides a limited ability
  • to deliver some custom options, generate a sample runbook and work with some third-party software
  • Cyber Recovery Advisories – Cyber Recovery Advisory
  • services provide varying levels of strategic options, target architectures, and even an actionable roadmap for Cyber Recovery adoption
  • Custom Cyber Recovery – Custom cyber recovery services implement advanced options, customized recovery plans, additional runbooks and more

You can learn more about Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery here.

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