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How HR can be a strategic advisor for C-suite leaders

 ·29 Nov 2022

At the recent HR Indaba, Sage experts highlighted how HR and payroll professionals are becoming strategic and advisory ‘superheroes’ in their organisations.

Ancel Draai, Sales Manager of HR and Payroll at Sage, and Nicolene Koster, Field Sales Manager at Sage, hosted a fascinating session which showed how HR and payroll professionals can help C-suite executives drive business growth and the improve the employee experience.

Changing perceptions

Draai and Koster highlighted that many business leaders are still underestimate HR’s role in business operations.

Sage research backs this up, as it shows that:

  • 57% of C-suite leaders still see HR as an administrative function.
  • 76% of business leaders don’t think HR’s workload is unmanageable.
  • 96% of companies have access to HR analytics, but 68% don’t rely on it to drive business decisions.

This data shows that there is still a long way to go before businesses understand the true value of HR when it comes to making important business decisions.

This role was highlighted during the pandemic, as the same research found that 65% of HR leaders believe their teams played a vital role during the lockdown, and 81% of business leaders said HR priorities are aligned with those of the business.

The role of HR

While most C-suite leaders still don’t use HR data to make business decisions, those who do have quickly learned of the major benefits this provides.

HR departments have valuable information about the workforce at their business – which is crucial to improving the employee experience, as well as implementing effective diversity, equity, and inclusion policies.

By leveraging valuable HR information, businesses can foster a superior work environment – and this can lead to improved productivity, reduced employee turnover, and the reduction of many other staff-centric risks.

Cloud HR and payroll technology

Every superhero needs a good sidekick – and for HR and payroll leaders, this sidekick takes the form of cloud HR and payroll technology.

HR and payroll leaders who have access to the right tools can turn mountains of employee data into valuable information – while automating the mundane tasks that fill up their schedules.

This allows these professionals to spend more time on activities that foster business growth – like advising C-suite leaders and enhancing employee engagement and performance management.

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