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HP Wolf Security – A new breed of endpoint security

 ·17 Jan 2023

HP Wolf Security is the best way for businesses to handle the rising number of security threats to their endpoint devices.

These threats are evolving and can now bypass or evade traditional detection methods.

In fact, HP research has found that the biggest rises have been in firmware and ransomware attacks – both of which are not sufficiently handled by traditional antivirus software.

HP has a rich, 20-year history in endpoint security innovation, culminating in the unrivalled HP Wolf Security suite – the best solution to handle rising cybersecurity threats.

HP Wolf Security

HP Wolf Security offers resilience at the core of your HP devices through a dedicated hardware chip that acts as a cryptographically-signed endpoint security controller.

This chip supports HP Sure Start, which provides unrivalled detection, protection, and automatic remediation of threats that would otherwise go undetected when running below the operating system.

HP Sure Start is a strong and secure foundation upon which a resilient system can be built – with other HP Wolf Security technologies like HP Sure Click and HP Sure Sense then providing even more security benefits.

HP Sure Click uses MicroVM Isolation Technology to provide an intelligent way of isolating attachments when they are opened by users in an email or on a flash key.

This ensures that malicious attachments do not have access to the rest of your system and data – even if you click on them to open or execute these files.

HP Sure Sense, an excellent application that leverages HP’s advanced AI technology called Deep Learning, complements this by instinctively recognising never-before-seen threats.

It runs a file scan on all new files that are added to your storage drive and uses a prediction model to identify whether a file is a malware threat before it is opened or run.

This provides protection against a broad array of unique file-based threats – including portable executables (like .exe and .dll files), Microsoft Office-based exploits, and even PDF files.

HP Wolf Security has many more security features, too, and is continually innovating to improve the protection it provides to your endpoints.

Why choose HP

HP Wolf Security is a standout offering that makes HP laptops and printers the best option for your business and its employees.

This is enhanced by HP’s Professional Services team, which can help your business understand your individual requirements and biggest weaknesses through the HP Security Diagnostic Assessment.

HP also works with its partners through the HP Amplify Partner Program to provide end users with the best possible experience.

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