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New solar climate-tech platform helps installers scale

 ·22 Feb 2023

Everybody knows how challenging it is to start and operate one’s own business successfully. It takes tenacity, a certain determination and single-mindedness, as well as an element of luck.

Research indicates 4 or 5 companies out of 10 (45%) fail by their fifth year. For Hohm Energy, who started a solar installation business in 2013, it was no different.

Hohm encountered significant challenges and roadblocks in getting the business off the ground.

Like any business based on supply and demand, one of the cornerstones is clients – who will want and buy your product. In essence, how does a business attract the right client and who will ultimately buy your product or service?

Additionally, how does a business optimise its operations in order to reduce lead time, keep the customer engaged and reduce friction to a minimum so that conversion is maximised?

Hohm has developed an innovative business model using technology to solve all these issues.

What South Africa truly needs, has been pioneered by Hohm, is a solar marketplace: a one-stop-shop or platform under a trusted brand where clients could connect to solar installers that were supported by competitively priced product with the ability to generate proposals in under 5 minutes and able to offer clients access to a variety of financing options.

In developing a solar marketplace platform, Hohm is able to provide the tech-enabled ‘rails’ for other solar installers to connect directly to clients, and in so doing, optimise and scale their business. By joining their panel, installers are able to access the tools Hohm has built to unlock their business potential through the following:

  • Access to their finance offerings to enable clients to purchase solar systems on credit over 72 months at competitive interest rates enabling more conversions for your business
  • Access to purchase stock and solar kits at discounted rates which are pre-packaged and delivered to site on your behalf
  • An opportunity to join their national network of Hohm-accredited installers, allowing you access to their marketplace and tools to receive an abundance of pre-qualified leads and our O&M plans.
  • Access to their installer forums and peer-to-peer industry networking platform, giving you the opportunity to receive product and technology updates, share and learn from other expert Hohm professionals, and build an industry wide network
  • Installer onboarding and training empowering your teams with tools to maximize client engagement and experience

Simply put, Hohm has taken the friction away from installers so they can focus on what they are good at, namely installing solar solutions for clients. One installer Hohm works with was able to triple his client acquisition pipeline in six months.

Hohm’s software does not stop at enabling and unlocking the installation market but also extends into the relationships they have with installers – it is quick and easy to join their platform!

Installers can begin the process by simply visiting Hohm’s webpage and filling in their details here. You’ll receive a welcome email where you will be required to submit the required documents.

Hohm’s approach to the installers on their panel is also unique – they value installers as partners where trust, dependability and working together is in their DNA. Installers are listened to so that their common goal is achieved.

Hohm Energy are eager for their installer partners to thrive and scale their business on the back of their innovative technology and customer-centric approach.

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