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MTN Business and its partners are transforming the mining industry through digitisation

 ·27 Feb 2023

Sudipto Moitra, General Manager of ICT at MTN Business, told BusinessTech that the telecoms giant is committed to working with ecosystem partners to create 5G solutions and bring transformative technologies to African mines.

Moitra was speaking at the 2023 Mining Indaba, which took place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

“What we are trying to achieve this year at the 2023 Mining Indaba is to interact with the mines and all stakeholders across different countries,” said Moitra.

This will help MTN Business to learn more about the trends and on ground challenges of the mining industry.

In line with our own journey of moving from a Telco to Techo, MTN enterprise, through it newly formed Center of Excellence function, is now focusing on moving up the ICT stack, working on devices, compute, applications, security controls over and above connectivity, to look into implementing technologies in mining.

MTN Is taking a solution led approach leveraging its own Telco assets like that of 5G and leveraging partner ecosystem to solve real life mining issues at the same leverage the 4IR technology to enable the mines.

MTN Business then plans to work with strategic partners, clients, and other stakeholders to bring relevant solutions that leverage 5G to the mining industry.

As part of this process, it is actively looking to develop new partnerships with entities like original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators, deep domain consultanting house, hyerscalers, niche application providers, working hand in hand with local governments.

Each of these partnerships will play a vital role in the implementation of 5G across a mine – especially with local governments, as they strongly influences regulations, policies, and value chains.

Leaders in 5G

“As MTN, we are the top 5G provider in many African countries, and sometimes policies are outdated, so we work with the mining sector and policy-makers to best implement our solutions,” said Moitra.

Through these partnerships and the introduction of 5G solutions, MTN Business can help mines improve operational efficiency, safety, planning, and exploration endeavours.

“We look forward to continue to collaborate with the mines and relevant stakeholders even beyond the technology space,” said Moitra.

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