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Prioritise security in your application development process with Synopsys

 ·5 Apr 2023

Prioritising security when building mission-critical applications and software has never been more important.

Synopsys offers excellent tools that let developers achieve this without sacrificing innovation and development speed – a trade-off which often results in organisations ignoring important security considerations during the development process.

These organisations are now realising that neglecting security in their application and software development has left them exposed against many malicious parties.

Proof of this can be found in a 2022 Synopsys research paper, which examined 4,300 security tests conducted on 2,700 software applications. It found that 95% of these applications had some form of vulnerability.

Additionally, 20% of these applications had high-risk vulnerabilities – while 4.5% had critical vulnerabilities that presented an immediate and serious threat.

Synopsys tools

Synopsys helps innovative companies avoid these vulnerabilities through its application security testing (AST) tools.

These tools detect security issues in development areas like proprietary code, open source and third-party dependencies, application behaviour, and deployment configurations.

Each Synopsys tool has a specific area of focus, allowing you to pick the ones that suit your needs:

  • Black Duck – A software composition analysis tool that detects and manages the risks of using open source and third-party code in applications and containers.
  • Coverity – A static application security tester tool that identifies critical quality defects and security weaknesses in proprietary code and infrastructure-as-code during early development.
  • WhiteHat – A dynamic analysis tool that continuously analyses production applications and tests software by simulating attacker behaviours.
  • Seeker – A interactive analysis tool that discovers vulnerabilities in web-based applications during the QA and testing cycles.
  • Defensics – A comprehensive fuzzing framework that finds security weaknesses through integrated, scalable, and automated negative testing.

These tools can be augmented by plugins that increase their efficiency and help companies maintain a rapid development speed, too. This includes Code Sight, Code Dx, Intelligent AST orchestration, and Comprehensive DevSecOps integrations.

Altron Arrow and Synopsys

Thanks to its superior security tools, Synopsys was named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing in 2022 – the sixth consecutive time it has earned this honour.

With this unrivalled reputation among application development experts like Gartner, as well as its extensive suite of AST tools, Synopsys is the best option for any organisation that takes security seriously during the application development process.

Altron Arrow is a leading Synopsys distributor that is trusted by South Africa’s top developers and companies.

It has a talented team of Synopsys experts who will help you maximise Synopsys’s industry-leading range of application security tools to streamline your application development processes.

Email Altron Arrow Business Development Manager Nkateko Malindi at [email protected] to learn more, or call on 083 211 0435.

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