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The cost-effective business solution for getting the latest tech

 ·2 May 2023

When it comes to equipment rentals, RentWorks stands out as a company that provides cost-effective solutions to businesses.

Unlike traditional rental companies or banks, RentWorks subsidises a portion of the cost of your required equipment, which means their customers get the benefit of reduced rentals.

RentWorks has been in the business of equipment finance solutions for over 24 years, which has given them the experience and infrastructure needed to take on the risk, so you don’t have to.

The business model is simple and straightforward – no upfront deposits, zero commitments to settle residual values, and the option to return or renew your equipment.

Lease, upgrade, repeat

Thanks to this model, the rental payment is guaranteed to be lower than any quote you may receive from a bank or any other financial institution in South Africa.

Furthermore, customers can choose from the latest technology as it becomes available, ensuring that they are not saddled with obsolete equipment.

At the end of the rental, simply return the equipment and replace it with the latest tech, hassle-free.

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The current economic climate is challenging for local businesses, which is why a solution like this makes all the difference.

By taking the pressure off their cash flow, customers and business owners get to save their money and use it elsewhere.

RentWorks’ approach to residual values is also unique. Unlike traditional financing models that pass the risk of the balloon payment or residual value to the customer or suppliers, RentWorks takes on the risk themselves.

Customers are not obligated to pay the residual value, and they can simply return the asset without the burden of ownership.

RentWorks also has the necessary network in place to sustainably refurbish or dispose of the asset, which means that customers do not have to worry about dealing with obsolete asset at end-of-life.

Access the latest tech – anytime, anywhere

Another key benefit of RentWorks is their 24/7 online asset management platform.

It’s a secure online Asset Register that allows you to access your rental contracts and compare detailed asset inventory information.

The best news is that it is available to all RentWorks customers at no additional cost.

Traditional financing might seem like the safer option, however, it usually requires an upfront deposit, and the interest rates, fees, and depreciation can add up quickly.

Plus, if something happens to the equipment, customers are responsible for the repairs, disposal, and any decrease in value.

RentWorks offers a simple and transparent business model that saves customers money, provides access to the latest technology, and removes the burden of ownership.

By assuming the requisite associated risks on the residual values, RentWorks ensures a worry-free and efficient experience for its customers.

So, it’s not too good to be true – it’s just that simple.

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