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Don’t succumb to organisational silos – Increase the visibility of risks across your entire organisation with CURA

 ·25 Apr 2023

CURA is a global governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software provider that helps you better understand risks across your entire organisation.

Its Aggregation Tool is a standout example of the functionality it offers businesses and allows you to collect risk data across multiple business units.

This helps businesses discover trends, hone in on department-specific issues, and identify where they need to implement company-wide solutions to key organisational challenges.

This gives you more visibility over your entire business and enables you to identify the most urgent and impactful risks it faces.

How the Aggregation Tool works

Organisations often have limited transparency into inter-departmental risk as a result of organisational silos.

This means that companies have a tendency to focus on risk that, at face value, has a high likelihood of occurring and a high impact on the organisation.

Organisations can miss out on key risks that, when aggregated across the entire organisation, have the potential to be catastrophic.

CURA’s Aggregation Tool utilises a permissions-based structure to ensure all levels of information are kept secure whilst enabling a view of risk across departments or even business units at various locations.

The tool also allows for detailed trend analysis to be conducted where organisations are able to achieve a full picture of their risk landscape.

Not only can organisations see the cumulative effect of a particular risk across the organisation but they can also identify where certain risks are isolated to a single environment or location.

This enables organisations to manage cross-cutting risk through centrally deploying policies, procedures and controls throughout all levels and business units, saving time, resources and preventing duplication of effort.

About CURA

CURA Software Solutions is a leading provider of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Risk-based Audit software solutions.

These solutions offer a clear picture of risk across the organisation which leads to better decision-making and risk management.

CURA enhances visibility into business activities and allows for information to be easily consumed and actioned, enabling better business performance and managing the uncertainty of risk.

This is why over 350 enterprise customers worldwide choose CURA – and your business should too.

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