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Milpark Education – the only completely online path to becoming a chartered accountant

 ·30 May 2023

Milpark Education is a leading South African education provider that offers a three-year Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting degree – the only online educational institution that provides a completely online path to becoming a chartered accountant.

It also offers a one-year SAICA-accredited Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting (PGDA) through Milpark Education – meaning you can take the journey from undergraduate to chartered accountant entirely online in just four years.

Milpark’s current mid-year intake for its next BCom Accounting degree class closes on 21 July 2023, and successful applicants will receive all the skills, knowledge, and support they need to become qualified accountants – as well as the platform to become chartered accountants through Milpark’s Post Graduate Degree in Accounting in one, seamless, four-year process.

Milpark is the only educational institution in South Africa that offers a mid-year BCom in Accounting intake, making this degree especially noteworthy for professionals looking to upskill themselves or switch careers.

What makes Milpark unique

Milpark’s BCom in Accounting degree is run by the former lecturers of CA Connect, and provides everything you need to begin your path to becoming a chartered accountant.

This includes all the appropriate technical knowledge, and the business acumen necessary to maximise your new skills.

Then, once you have completed this three-year degree, you can immediately begin your 1-year PGDA – which is the last year of academic study before SAICA’s first board exam. This exam is the standard setting assessment after the completion of an accredited PGDA programme in South Africa and completes your journey to qualifying as a CA(SA).

The ITC exam is used by all of South Africa’s top universities that provide chartered accountant courses, and Milpark prides itself on ensuring that its students are among the best prepared to successfully complete this examination.

Building soft skills

The Milpark BCom in Accounting degree focuses on fostering innovation and collaboration among fellow students, too – a critical set of skills necessary to add value in the workplace.

What’s more, every module of this three-year degree is embedded with leadership and reflective exercises intended to help students grow their softer skills, alongside their technical knowledge, all within the business context.

This is included in modules such as:

  • Analysis and Decision-making
  • Financial Reporting and Compliance
  • Risk and Governance
  • Strategy and Leadership
  • Assurance and other engagements

Milpark’s finely tuned modules are complemented by experienced and knowledgeable lecturers, who will explain the course materials and their real-world merits.

This is to ensure students understand why concepts are important in a professional setting – a critical component of the learning process.

The course uses a case study – scenario planning from entrepreneur to a listed entity over the 3 years, showcasing the different entity structures, the different risks as well as the ethical dilemmas within the broader business landscape.

Says Milpark Education Head of BCom Development, Dr Judith Terblanche; “Ethical and critical thinking is the glue that keeps the degree together. It is embedded in the framework and not seen as additional courses because while it is about the numbers, it is also about the individual. ”

“As jobs in this space change (with technology), it is the people that need to have confidence to make the right decisions, the curiosity to ask the right questions and explore options and the courage to collaborate to build and solve. We believe that those that build their technical skills in real world scenarios, will be the ones to succeed.”

Requirements for the degree

Milpark Education has various acceptance requirements for the BCom in Accounting degree – based on a student’s year of matriculation and various subject results across mathematics, economics, business economics, accounting, physical science or physics/chemistry, and natural science or biology.

However, Milpark Education’s unique model also provides alternate entry criteria for those that may not meet the initial criteria set out – where acceptance may be conditional via bridging into the programme.

The institution also provides a specific BCom bridging programme for students who would like to brush up on their knowledge before beginning the degree.

For more information on the full entry criteria please click here.

This unique model and entry criteria ensures that, no matter which stage of the learning journey you are at, there is an opportunity for you to further your education – by making it easily accessible and making your dreams of becoming a CA attainable.

“As we endeavour to provide unique learning experiences, with not only offering a mid-year intake, but content and a student community that aims to provide students with real-world scenarios, the right interpersonal and leadership skills, and hard skills all of which are critical for our accountants and CA’s today. So, if you are looking to #investinyourself and invest in your skills, don’t miss out,” concludes Terblanche.

Apply for Milpark’s BCom in Accounting degree today.

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