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4 huge benefits of a Codehesion UX Audit for large enterprises

 ·10 Jul 2023

South Africa’s leading companies are navigating an ever-evolving business landscape where user experience (UX) has become a critical part of offering a digital product.

At Codehesion, we understand the transformative power of a UX audit, as it is a cost-effective and fast way to unlock your digital product’s full potential.

But what exactly does a UX audit involve, and how can it elevate your enterprise?

We unpack this below.

Codehesion UX Audits: A deep dive into User Experience

A UX audit conducted by Codehesion involves a thorough review of your product’s design and user experience.

This comprehensive evaluation acts as a health check for your app or digital platform, revealing areas of success and those that need improvement.

By utilizing empirical testing methods, Codehesion’s UX audit uncovers critical enhancements to ensure that your product remains user-centric – boosting engagement, conversion rates, and ultimately, profits.

There are four key benefits of a Codehesion UX Audit for large enterprises:

  • Better Planning with Codehesion

When Codehesion conducts a UX audit, we replace guesswork with hard data.

By studying user behaviours, how these users interact with your product, and what they say about it, we will help you make plans and decisions that are rooted in reality, not just assumptions.

  • Fresh look at your product

It’s easy to lose sight of the small details when you’re deeply involved with a product. A Codehesion UX audit gives your product a second pair of eyes.

We can spot areas that need a touch-up, and bring in fresh ideas to make sure your product stays relevant and exciting for your customers.

  • Making things run smoothly

Codehesion’s UX audit doesn’t just focus on how pretty your product looks – it also checks how well it works.

We find and fix any issues that may be slowing down the user’s experience, making your product not only more enjoyable to use, but also more efficient.

This means happier customers and, in turn, better business performance.

  • Quick and Affordable

One of the best parts about a UX audit from Codehesion is that it is a quick and cost-effective way to improve your product.

Unlike a complete overhaul, a UX audit can quickly identify and address issues in short order – reducing the time it takes to deliver your new and improved offering to the market

Recognizing when your company needs a UX Audit from Codehesion

If your product isn’t achieving its profitability goals, or if you’re experiencing a decline in users or conversions, it is time to consider a UX audit by Codehesion.

A UX audit is also adivsable when launching a new product, introducing new features, planning a product redesign, or experiencing rapid user base growth.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by large enterprises in South Africa and are well-equipped to help you navigate the path to an improved user experience.

Alongside our UX audit services, we are also an industry leader in the design and development fields.

We have worked with many of South Africa’s largest companies on large and important design and development projects, and use this experience to inform our UX audits, too.

Let us work together to enhance your digital product’s value for your users—and your bottom line.

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