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Codehesion is trusted by South Africa’s biggest companies

 ·23 Mar 2024

Award-winning Android and iOS app development company Codehesion is trusted by South Africa’s biggest companies.

These companies trust Codehesion because it has a reputation for delivering excellent results to its clients and has won many awards for its work.

Codehesion covers all areas of app development, including Project Management, Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Testing, Deployment, and Maintenance.

It is able to do this thanks to its team of app development experts who are highly-skilled software engineers, computer scientists, and project managers.

These experts and the world-leading apps they produce have attracted a long list of South Africa’s biggest companies, including Hyundai, Leroy Merlin, Woolworths, Peermont Global, Fines SA, Entabeni Systems, Poynting, HOMii, Midstream Estates, Marcura, Nology, Workshop 17, Sendr, and many more.

What we offer

Codehesion’s highly skilled experts enable it to deliver a wide range of app development services that guarantee excellent results.

These solutions enable Codehesion’s clients to:

  • Build a new app for their business.
  • Update their existing apps and software systems.
  • Web development
  • Use Codehesion’s experts to augment their existing app development teams.

Contact us

Codehesion wants to make the onboarding process as easy as possible, which is why it offers a free consultation process.

This makes it easy for your company start its app development journey, while enabling Codehesion to understand your needs and gather insights into the scope of work, predicted timelines, and expected costs.

To get your free consultation, contact Codehesion.

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