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Wingu Academy Unveils the Early Years (Stage R) Oxford International Program: The evolution of learning in South Africa

 ·16 Oct 2023

In a groundbreaking development for the Wingu Academy, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of the Stage R Early Years Program, scheduled to commence in 2024.

This transformative educational initiative promises to usher in a new era of learning, providing our students with a world-class educational experience designed to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Stage R Implementation:

South Africa’s educational landscape is undergoing a transformation, marked by recent legislative shifts such as the proposed BELA Bill, which mandates an additional 1-2 years of schooling and makes Stage R compulsory for children.

Under these new regulations, Wingu Academy’s Early Years (Stage R) program gives South African children the best possible Stage R education.

This groundbreaking program sets a new standard in home education, incorporating the internationally respected Early Years program from the Oxford International Curriculum.

The Oxford International Curriculum is recognized globally for its impeccable standards and comprehensive approach to education, making it the perfect choice to support our young learners on their educational journey.

Implementing the prestigious Oxford Curriculum at Wingu Academy will open the door to a myriad of benefits for our Stage R students:

  1. Enhanced Learning Opportunities: The Stage R Oxford Program will provide our young learners with access to a more enriching and challenging curriculum, enabling them to realize their full academic potential.
  2. Preparation for the Future: In an ever-competitive and increasingly globalized world, the program will equip Stage R students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive and succeed.
  3. Personal Growth: Beyond academics, the program will focus on character education and extracurricular activities to foster essential life skills, including leadership, teamwork, and resilience.
  4. Global Citizenship: Exposure to diverse perspectives and cultures will broaden our Stage R students’ horizons, making them more informed and compassionate global citizens.

As we embark on this new chapter in our school’s history, we eagerly anticipate the endless possibilities it holds for our Stage R students.

The Early Years (Stage R) program will undoubtedly shape the future of education at Wingu Academy, enriching the lives of our Stage R students and preparing them for a bright and promising future.

Learn more about the Stage R Oxford Program and sign up for this exciting journey by clicking here.

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