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Everything you need to know when buying a Xiaomi wearable

 ·23 Oct 2023

Xiaomi wearables are a great way of keeping track of your health and physical fitness, receiving smartphone notifications on your wrist, and getting easy access to useful apps.

These wearables can be divided into two main categories – fitness bands and smartwatches.

Fitness bands come with a smaller screen and features specifically designed to track your fitness and health.

Smartwatches come with larger screens and a more extensive suite of features that can be used far beyond fitness tracking.

Xiaomi’s range of wearables includes many excellent options in both categories – and we unpack three of their top options in South Africa, below.

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2

The Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 is an affordable, entry-level fitness band for those who want a simple wearable to track their health and exercise goals.

It offers all the tools you’ll need to do this – including over 30 sports modes that ensure greater accuracy when performing multiple forms of exercise.

From outdoor running and hiking, to yoga and diving, the Redmi Smart Band 2 truly covers every activity you are likely to try.

In all these modes, the Redmi Smart Band 2 can track key health metrics like heart rate and blood oxygen saturation levels. When the day is over, it will also track your sleeping patterns.

The Redmi Smart Band 2 will then send you notifications if it detects any abnormal results – which are easily seen with its vibrant 1.47-inch TFT display.

Whether you are trying to lose weight or want to track your fitness progress over time, the Smart Band 2 is the most affordable wearable that will cover all your needs.

The Redmi Smart Band 2 has a recommended retail price of R699.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7

The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 greatly expands upon the feature set of the Redmi Smart Band 2 by supporting 120 workout modes and delivering a professional workout analysis system.

It is therefore ideal for more serious athletes and fitness fans who need to keep track of intricate health factors like burnt calories, notable heart rate changes, workout durations, and constant average heart rate levels.

This contrasts with the Smart Band 2, where you need to manually activate a sports mode for heart rate tracking to begin.

Another improvement the Smart Band 7 delivers is an overview of all your data in the form of intuitive graphs.

The graphs can easily be read on the 1.62-inch display, or you can view them directly on your linked smartphone.

Either of these is a viable option, as the Smart Band 7’s new generation chipset ensures you can analyse large amounts of data natively on its display without worrying about lag or overheating.

If you are serious about fitness and need a wider range of features, the Smart Band 7 is the better option – with a recommended retail price of R1,199.

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Watch 3

South Africans who want both comprehensive fitness tracking and a suite of smartwatch features should look to the Redmi Smart Watch 3.

The Smart Watch 3 offers over 120 fitness modes and excellent health tracking features – such as heart rate monitoring, calorie consumption tracking, and exercise duration tracking – while providing a ton of extra functionality.

You can use it to take calls, control your music, and receive notifications for messages from your linked smartphone.

Additionally, unlike fitness bands, the Smart Watch 3 looks more like a traditional watch.

It boasts over 200 built-in personalised dials and hundreds of styles to choose from, which all look great on its 1.75-inch AMOLED UHD screen.

This is comfortably the best display of the Xiaomi wearables and makes checking your heart rate, browsing your emails, and everything in-between much more enjoyable.

The extra features don’t end there, however, as the Smart Watch 3 offers several valuable safety features.

You can use the smartwatch to make emergency calls, and it has a built-in, high-end GNSS chip that tracks your location if you get lost.

Both features are valuable when going on remote journeys – like camping trips and hikes.

For those who need a much broader feature set that still delivers elite fitness features, the Redmi Smart Watch 3 is the best option.

The Redmi Smart Watch 3 has a recommended retail price of R2,099.

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