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Globally recognised automated claims process makes insuring with FNB easy

 ·23 Jan 2024

Insurance is often viewed as something of a grudge purchase.

A monthly expense that, while necessary, doesn’t add any real value to your life or your financial situation.

Jacques Celliers, CEO of FNB is adamant that nothing could be further from the truth.

He argues that insurance is not just a vital safeguard, it is an essential cornerstone on which a secure financial future should be built.

“Having insurance embodies the foresight to defend yourself, your loved ones, your possessions, or your business against the unexpected,” Celliers says, “and it is a proven way to ensure that accidents or losses don’t derail your financial stability or put paid to your life plans and goals.”

“That makes insurance so much more than the ‘grudge purchase’ that so many people still perceive it to be.”

In recent years, FNB has elevated insurance from a protective expense to a holistic value-adding experience.

“Our aim with FNB Insure has always been to embed insurance within the DNA of our banking services,”

Celliers explains, “We are the only insurer to pay life and funeral insurance proactively to beneficiaries and to date have paid over R 600m.”

“This is going beyond merely offering an insurance product to provide our clients with a comprehensive financial caretaking experience that delivers on our brand promise to provide help when they need it most.”

This strategic approach led FNB Insure to intertwine its offerings with the broader objectives and offerings of the banking group, allowing FNB clients to manage their risks with the same ease and peace of mind that they handle their daily banking through FNB.

And the value-added benefits provided by FNB Insure through incentives like eBucks and premium discounts further underscore its dedication to offering more than just a service, but a partnership in financial management.

“In a world full of risk, we provide individuals, families, and business owners with a haven of reliability through our FNB Insure solutions,” Celliers explains, “and by integrating these into our extensive banking and investment ecosystem, we enhance the value proposition for these clients, aligning our offerings with their evolving financial needs.”

Central to FNB Insure’s value is its commitment to efficient and transparent claims process.

“A claim is a moment of truth for our customers,” he says, “and it’s the point at which our promise of ‘help’ materialises into tangible, value-adding support.”

The recent global award by Celent of FNB’s Automated Funeral Claims Process is a clear indication of the seriousness with which FNB approaches the claims experiences of its clients, and validates FNB Insure’s success in delivering on this promise.

The enhanced and expedited process has not only improved the customer experience but also showcased FNB’s ability to provide support swiftly and efficiently, with an impressive average claim processing time of 5.7 minutes.

As FNB Insure looks to the future, Celliers’ vision is clear.

“We are not just changing the way insurance is experienced; we are redefining it,” he says, “and our journey ahead will be one of relentless innovation that ensures we are truly there for our customers in their times of need.”

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