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Keep your vehicle records up-to-date on the blockchain with IsCarTi

 ·21 Feb 2024

IsCarTi is a South African app that makes it easy for users to manage and record their vehicle data through a single platform.

The app uses blockchain technology for secure data storage and was built by Kirshan Moodliar in response to the need for reliable vehicle information in the ever-growing South African used car market.

Moodliar aims to use IsCarTi to build a credible database of trustworthy used cars so that South Africans can buy and sell second-hand vehicles with less risk.

Users can also use IsCarTi to hold their service providers accountable through easy access to prior invoices and records.

We highlight the key benefits that IsCarTi offers to South African car owners and buyers, below.

Benefits of IsCarTi

IsCarTi enables users to upload everything from vehicle receipts and service records to proof of modification and repairs to a digital library that is powered by blockchain technology.

Once uploaded, all documents can be managed with the IsCarTi app – and shared directly with other parties over WhatsApp. This is particularly useful when you are advertising your vehicle for sale and need to share verified documents with potential buyers.

IsCarTi is also highly useful for businesses, thanks to its ability to assist with fleet maintenance by offering an accurate and accessible record of all services, repairs, and modifications to each vehicle.

This allows businesses to monitor which drivers are consistently incurring excessive costs as a result of treating their vehicles poorly.

Mechanics can make great use of IsCarTi, too, using the app’s invoicing and quoting option to send documents digitally to clients who also use IsCarTi.

Extra features

The benefits do not stop there, and IsCarTi provides a wide range of value-added features within its app – making it the ultimate hub for all things motoring.

This includes the app’s extensive marketplace for second-hand vehicles and spare parts that have been listed by other users.

Other quality-of-life features include a business directory, an event calendar, and car-specific YouTube videos.

The IsCarTi app is now available on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Click here to download IsCarTi from the Google Play Store

Click here to download IsCarTi from the App Store.

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