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How a top South African property developer boosted sales by advertising on BusinessTech

 ·23 Feb 2024

The South African property market is extremely competitive and property developers must maximise every opportunity to stand out.

As part of its marketing plan to achieve this, a top South African luxury property developer identified BusinessTech as the best website to advertise its latest Cape Town developments.

After meeting with the BusinessTech marketing team, it decided to book several sponsored articles and homepage takeovers – as these were a perfect match for its requirements.

The BusinessTech articles and homepage takeovers were published over several months and provided huge exposure for the property company and its new developments – while allowing interested buyers to directly connect with sales representatives.

The campaign was a massive success and the property developer sold far more units than it had expected.

BusinessTech’s powerful audience

There are two main reasons for the success of this campaign on BusinessTech.

The first is BusinessTech’s expert marketing team, which guided the property developer through the entire campaign. This included content creation and audience targeting.

The second is BusinessTech’s powerful and affluent audience, which consists of:

  • 2.9 million – Business decision-makers
  • 856,000 – Business owners
  • 712,000 – Senior managers
  • 131,000 – CEO/Directors

This audience was a perfect match for the high-value apartments and homes the developer was promoting. To make sure your next marketing campaign stands out, contact the BusinessTech marketing team.

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