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How Huawei Cloud assists South African businesses to manage their cloud costs

 ·12 Mar 2024

The cloud is a major enabler of business growth and success. South African companies that do not use it will be left behind.

However, embracing the cloud can be daunting and expensive – particularly if you want the best infrastructure and latest technology.

Huawei Cloud understands this, which is why the organisation has prioritised implementing billing structures and innovative features that make it easy for businesses to track, manage and limit their cloud costs.

How Huawei Cloud achieves this, is detailed below.

Monitor your spend

The best way to save money on the cloud is to track your spending and identify when it exceeds acceptable levels.

With Huawei Cloud, companies can accurately predict potential expenses and avoid the unexpected cost spikes that otherwise creep up if you use the traditional pay-per-use model.

Huawei Cloud tools Cost Center and Optimisation Advisor offer important cost management functionality like setting financial limits, monitoring spending and defining budgets on a per-project basis.

These tools also provide alerts when spending approaches or exceeds predefined limits – at which point a company can choose how best to proceed.

Additionally, historical data is used to shed warnings ahead of time if your company’s costs are trending towards levels that are likely to result in overspending.

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Billing flexibility

Huawei Cloud understands that not all companies run their financial planning in the same way and offers different billing methods to cater to this:

    • Pay as you Use – No upfront payments. Instead, flexibly adapt to business needs and remove the risk of over or under-provisioning.

    • Monthly subscriptions – Ideal for stable workloads as the longer you company subscribes and the more usage is consumed, the better discounts and lower prices you’ll receive.

There are a range of discounts on offer, primarily available through the Optimisation Advisor tool, which are a great way to subsidise your cloud spending – giving your company access to more resources for less.

Affordable implementation

The best part about Huawei Cloud’s cost management benefits is that your company doesn’t have to be highly technical or a large business to gain the advantage.

Firstly, comprehensive proof of concepts let you test Huawei Cloud before you commit to it – after which zero-cost migration assistance will make the process seamless.

During the migration process, you’ll be alerted to any unexpected costs you may encounter before these are billed to your account – although unexpected costs are unlikely.

Huawei Cloud’s Solutions Architects have been trained to deliver the most appropriate and cost-effective deployments possible.

Furthermore, Huawei Cloud does not charge for ingress or egress data transfer when using a dedicated direct connect link to Huawei Cloud. This policy is unique to Huawei Cloud and lets it reduce the total cost of ownership while making your expense predictions more accurate.

Thanks to these features, Huawei Cloud is the perfect choice for South African businesses which want the latest cloud services and technology at competitive prices.

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