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Huawei’s ISP Connect event – Accelerate the digital economy with intelligent FNO/ISP infrastructure

 ·20 Jun 2024

Alex Yuan – Account Director, Huawei Enterprise South Africa ISP Department

To demonstrate its ongoing commitment to bringing connectivity to every home and business in South Africa, Huawei recently hosted its Fibre Network Operator (FNO) and Internet Service Provider (ISP) customers in Sandton, Johannesburg, to showcase its latest platforms and technologies.

In this event, themed Huawei ISP Connect, Huawei experts shared about emerging technologies and new products that enhance the company’s vision of building a connected world.

Gene Zhang – Managing Director, Huawei South Africa Enterprise Business

Huawei’s capability to meet new requirement for IP Networks 

Zhu Kaiyin, Huawei Director of Datacom Standards and Patents, elaborated that Huawei is able to achieve advanced technologies and intelligence through the globalised labs for datacom key technologies, coupled with its commitment to keep innovating.

He clarified the necessity and importance of building next-generation intelligent networks for FNOs, shared the methodology and key innovation direction of solution technologies for building next-generation information communication networks, and deeply matched the FNO industry network construction trend under the trend of industry intelligent transformation.

Focus on the key capabilities brought by the Net5.5G, such as ultra-broadband 400GE network connectivity, elastic high SLA assurance, and intelligent management based on AI and big data, to improve the quality of FNO network services and deeply combine with FNO development.

For the ISP industry, he mentioned that Huawei provides an industry-leading converged bearer network solution for ISPs, which enables ISPs to construct bearer networks – featuring simplified architecture, high integration, high quality, ultra-high bandwidth, and intelligent Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

Finally, he introduced Huawei Xinghe AI network and products. “Huawei is committed to intelligent infrastructure and solutions, and we have prepared for the AI Era.”

Bringing connectivity to every home

Huawei Optical Solution Manager, Yanbang Li, explained to the audience how new digital and intelligent services, which drive demands for broadband, are blooming. These include diversified video apps, extreme user experience and unleashed AI productivity. He added that the home network sector occupies a significant space in the marketplace.

One of the popular demands are for the development of “One Smart Home” to enable smart home services. Connection is the foundation of the smart home. The ability to provide high-speed, low-latency and consistent Wi-Fi connectivity to every room becomes a vital part of the end-to end broadband strategy. Fibre to the Room and Wi-Fi 7 can reduce churn rates and drive business development in the next decade.

“We ensure that we bring intelligence that lights up smart homes for a better life. This leads to integration and better interaction between security system, smart home appliance system and entertainment systems. In addition, the superior Wi-Fi sensing capabilities can benefit important aspects such as security, child care and elderly care,” explained Li.

Huawei also has the industry’s first user self-optimised ONT, whose effectiveness results in reduced complains from home users as a result of self-Wi-Fi optimisation, resulting in less home visits by FNO/ISP support technicians.

Digital transformation for unparalleled efficiency

Communications service providers have emerged to take centre stage as the need for rapid and efficient communications capabilities becomes ever so acute. As such, AI has come out strongly to take centre stage as a tool that drives companies and industries towards intelligent connectivity.

This has seen the emergence of GenAI in recent years as a tool widely used by companies in their quest to occupy first place in the minds of customers and competitors. 

Huawei Chief Architect of Software Business, Yang Bing, shared with the audience that use cases that will be most impacted by GenAI as this trend continues to progress include chatbots and virtual assistants, call centres, automated report generation as well as content generation.

He added that, “The main business outcomes and expectations from AI include cost reduction, employee efficiency, customer experience and revenue generation.”

He also mentioned that, to further equip and empower businesses, Huawei’s New Generation CBS enables digital era intelligent monetisation. Companies benefit from this through achieving increased revenue in a much shorter period, effortlessly achieving new operation efficiency as well as the ability to create new growth engines through new billing experiences.

Bring Connectivity to Business, Accelerate SME’s Digitization

The event also witnessed Huawei’s commitment to equipping and empowering SMEs to thrive in a demanding business and economic environment. Huawei’s Director of Commercial and Distribution Business, Vincent Liu, presented the Huawei eKit product range tailor-made to enable small businesses to make a success of their ventures.

HUAWEI eKit is a sub-brand designed for the distribution business under Huawei. It aims to provide versatile products and solutions for hundreds of millions of SMEs by leveraging Huawei’s over 30 years of experience in ICT and digital transformation. It strives to better serve the digital needs of SMEs, help DPs develop their businesses, and expand opportunities in the SME market.

Liu explained that, “HUAWEI eKit is dedicated to developing distribution products that are easy to buy, sell, install, maintain, learn, and use for various business scenarios in the SME market. It has developed a wide range of products, including intelligent collaboration, wired and wireless networks, IP + optical access networks, storage, and IT platforms. By the end of May 2024, HUAWEI eKit had launched more than 80 products, which can be integrated into solutions for over 30 typical scenarios including SOHO, hotels, catering, commercial real estate, and retail.”

As society continues to move towards the intelligent era, digital and intelligent technologies have become fundamental to daily operations and key to capitalising on opportunities and ensuring sustained growth and a better life for all. With the rise of new technologies, there is an increasing need for solutions that can help enterprises and societies achieve efficiency.

The Huawei ISP Connect event succeeded in facilitating engaging discussions on the latest advancements in technology and insights into how Huawei is at the forefront of moving towards a smarter future.

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