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Seizing the Opportunity: Monocle is Hiring

 ·5 Jul 2024

Financial services firms are currently facing a unique set of challenges brought about by the global economic turbulence caused by inflation and high interest rates, complex regulatory requirements, rapid technological innovation and digitalisation, geopolitical volatility, and the risks associated with impending climate change, to name a few.

With these challenges come significant opportunities for change and growth, however, says management consultancy Monocle Solutions, which is currently looking to expand its team.

“Demand for our services has remained high as our clients seek ways to evolve within an ever-changing financial environment,” says Monocle’s COO Willie Ehlers, “We want to seize the opportunity that this presents and keep moving with this momentum by reigniting our recruitment drive. We intend to increase hiring top talent in the coming year to meet this demand.”

Based in Johannesburg with branches in Cape Town, London, and Amsterdam, Monocle specialises in consulting to the banking and insurance industries, partnering with top financial institutions to help them navigate the complexities of the modern financial landscape.

This work is propelled by consulting teams that operate right in the heart of the systems and processes that underlie the many critical functions performed by the financial services industry.

The forces currently coming to bear upon the financial sphere are rapidly reshaping this industry, presenting new problems that need to be solved and opening doors for innovation.

In such a dynamic space, consultants are under pressure to keep abreast of a host of new developments and to rise to the challenge of delivering results that ensure their clients keep pace as their industry advances.

Cognisant of the demands that this places on its consultants in terms of continually growing their expertise and skillsets, Monocle takes a highly proactive approach to hiring and training.

“Rather than looking for purely financial backgrounds, we welcome candidates with differing expertise, from commerce to engineering, to science, to quantitative analytics, to software development, data engineering and beyond,” explains Ehlers, “These skills are highly transferrable and incredibly valuable, especially at a time of rapid change, such as our industry is facing now.”

In addition to this, Monocle has invested heavily in its training and development function, offering all employees the opportunity to upskill themselves through its comprehensive range of courses, many of which are internationally recognised.

In this way, the company ensures that its consultants are provided an ongoing opportunity to elevate themselves as professionals in a range of technical proficiencies, business knowledge domains, and critical soft skills.

Consultants are also exposed to a wide range of projects, ensuring a well-rounded base of hands-on industry experience.

Given the rapid technological changes in banking and insurance that are being driven by advancements in cloud infrastructure, quantum computing, software developments and AI, a significant part of this training involves future fitting employees for the financial services industry, by ensuring that at a minimum, every consultant is qualified to code.

These skills find ready application in Monocle’s thriving innovation hub and are critical to supporting the company’s recently expanded technology offering for clients, which will complement its management consulting expertise as it continues to grow as a comprehensive solution provider.

Monocle’s emphasis on professional excellence is balanced by an equally strong focus on employee wellbeing and the enrichment that genuine personal connections add to one’s working life.

These connections create a sense of community that is woven into the fabric of Monocle’s culture, fostered in the wide variety of sports and social clubs on offer, as well as through its mentorship programme, internal committees, and company events.

Aware of its responsibility to have a positive impact on the communities in which it operates, the company also engages in numerous outreach projects and charitable activities, which are undertaken by Mission Monocle, an employee-run initiative, and the Monocle Foundation.

Ultimately, Monocle’s purpose is to equip and empower its people to meet the challenges of the day so that they can play an active role in driving meaningful change in an always evolving financial services industry, and across society as a whole.

This is achieved through a combined focus on professional excellence, company culture, and social responsibility, which has fuelled the company’s ongoing growth and prompted its desire to welcome more skilled professionals into its fold.

If you are a top-performing candidate eager to elevate your career in management consulting while engaging in meaningful work and building lifelong friendships, look no further than Monocle. The company is currently hiring across a broad range of positions – to find out more, click here.

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