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Amazon Prime Video launches in South Africa

Amazon Prime Video launches in South Africa

Amazon Prime Video is now available in South Africa, following its launch in over 200 countries.

“Customers can sign up for a Prime Video membership and enjoy popular new shows like The Grand Tour and award-winning Amazon Original Series including Mozart in the Jungle,” said Amazon.

Customers in new Prime Video territories can access the service for an introductory price of $2.99 per month for the first six months.

South Africa’s pricing is listed at $2.99 per month.

Prime Video can be watched through its app on Android and iOS, Fire Tablets, LG and Samsung Smart TVs, or online at

Users can also download all titles to mobile devices for offline viewing.

“Prime Video members can also control how much data they use when streaming and downloading video by choosing between Good, Better, and Best visual quality settings.”

Amazon Prime Video’s automated and machine learning systems will also select the best streaming configurations for a customer based on their device, location, and ISP, said the company.


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  • WookieJebus

    $2.99 is actually a good price, if you take into account Netflix’s SA offering.

    • Fireprufe15

      Netflix does have a LOOOT more content than Prime, though, so there’s that.

      • WookieJebus

        True, but they expect you to pay for the full catalog while giving you half the catalog.
        (From what I’ve read at least) Amazon is giving you a lower price because of a smaller library.

        • WookieJebus

          (Not using either though)

  • keithbe

    The US catalogue is pretty limited; I can only imagine how much more limited SA will be. Anything near Netflix SA price range, once the 6 months are over, won’t be worth it at all.

  • James Dean

    DSTV needs competition, likewise Hellkom and co.

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