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Best uncapped ADSL deals for business

Best uncapped ADSL deals for business

Afrihost recently announced that it is reducing its uncapped business ADSL prices following the move of its ADSL subscriber base from the Internet Solutions network to MTN.

“We will be smashing our own record prices by up to 60%. We are also unilaterally upgrading 384kbps, 512kbps and 1Mbps clients to better speeds at even better prices,” Afrihost said in a press statement.

“While other prices will drop significantly, 10Mbps is clearly the show-stopper from R2,497pm to R997pm. That’s a saving of just over 60%,” said Afrihost.

Afrihost said that new clients signing up will benefit immediately from the new prices, while existing clients will be billed at the new rates as of 1 November 2012.

Afrihost’s new uncapped business ADSL prices raise the question as to how these compare to other prominent ISPs such as MWEB or Telkom Internet.

The following table provides an overview of uncapped business ADSL rates from high profile ISPs.

Business uncapped ADSL prices
1Mbps uncapped business ADSL
ISP Package Monthly price
Afrihost 1Mbps uncapped, unshaped R297
Web Africa 1Mbps Business Uncapped R299
Telkom Basic Uncapped R420
Vodacom 1Mbps Business ADSL Uncapped Shaped R743
MWEB 1Mbps Uncapped, Unshaped ADSL R759
@lantic 1Mbps Business Uncapped R877
RSAWEB 1Mbps Business Uncapped DSL R999
2Mbps uncapped business ADSL
Afrihost 1Mbps uncapped, unshaped R397
Web Africa 2Mbps Business Uncapped R549
Telkom Advanced Uncapped R895
MWEB 2Mbps Uncapped, Unshaped ADSL R1,199
Vodacom 2Mbps Business ADSL Uncapped Shaped R1,226
RSAWEB 2Mbps Business Uncapped DSL R1,599
4Mbps uncapped business ADSL
Afrihost 4Mbps uncapped, unshaped R697
Web Africa 4Mbps Business Uncapped R849
Telkom Premium Uncapped R1,695
MWEB 4Mbps Uncapped, Unshaped ADSL R1,899
RSAWEB 4Mbps Business Uncapped DSL R1,999
Vodacom 4Mbps Business ADSL Uncapped Shaped R2,194
@lantic 4Mbps Business Uncapped R2,245
10Mbps uncapped business ADSL
Afrihost 10Mbps uncapped, unshaped R997
Web Africa 10Mbps Business Uncapped R1,399
MWEB 10Mbps Uncapped, Unshaped ADSL R2,999
Telkom Premium Plus Uncapped R3,295
RSAWEB 10Mbps Business Uncapped DSL R4,899
Vodacom 10Mbps Business ADSL Uncapped Shaped R4,955
@lantic 10Mbps Business Uncapped R5,551

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  • typo on 2nd table=> “2Mbps uncapped business ADSL”, Afrihost “1Mbps uncapped, unshaped” should read “2Mbps uncapped, unshaped”.

  • Random Guy :D

    I believe you have got the Mweb pricing wrong.

    As the afrihost product is * unshaped* meaning that it is semi shaped unshaped till you reach a certain limit. The mweb account would be completely unshaped? Correct me if I am wrong?

  • Random Guy :D

    Sorry got that wrong but still would like to add this regarding the afrihost account
    *Please Note: Business ADSL accounts are Guaranteed to be completely unshaped and unthrottled during business hours.
    We do however reserve the right to, if absolutely needed, de-prioritize Business ADSL bandwidth outside of business hours.

  • This article’s title was ‘Best uncapped ADSL deals’ in the newsletter, just btw.

  • GreenyZA

    I would like to see a speed comparison on each of the packages listed below, price is not everything …. !!!

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