Good news for South Africa’s slow Internet

Openserve has published a statement stating that the process of repairing the broken SAT3/WASC and WACS cables has begun.

“Openserve has been advised that both cable consortia have tasked their respective restoration processes to a single Chief of Mission aboard the Leon Thevinin,” said Openserve.

The Leon Thevinin is the ship which is tasked with repairing the breaks, but it has been unable to leave Cape Town harbour due to heavy winds.

“Strong and gale force winds in the City of Cape Town last week and over the weekend have delayed the operations of the cable ship,” said Openserve.

“The Harbour Master has however granted the requisite authority yesterday for the cable ship to mobilise once the weather became stable enough.”

Cable repair timeline

Openserve said that the ship was moved to the docking area, and the loading of the necessary tools and supplies for the repairs began at about 17:45 yesterday.

Confirmation was then provided to Openserve this morning that the preparation processes are running optimally.

“The Chief of Mission anticipates that all loading will be complete by the evening of Wednesday, 22 January, should all go according to plan,” said Openserve.

Once this process is complete, the ship will travel to the location of the broken cables and will begin the necessary repairs.

Minimising the impact

Openserve said it has been exploring options available from other undersea cable consortiums in a bid to find spare capacity that it could purchase for its customers.

It said deals have been concluded with several parties, and Openserve is now busy activating additional international capacity.

“These measures will minimise some of the impact on its network, and that of its clients, while repairs to the WACS and SAT3/WASC cable systems continue,” said Openserve.

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Good news for South Africa’s slow Internet