O R Tambo wants to eliminate ‘physical pat-downs’ with new scanners

O R Tambo International Airport says it will implement new Smart Security checkpoint scanners that will digitise its security check process, and speed up passenger progress through those areas.

The pilot implementation of the Smart Security system goes live on 8 November 2016 at the international departures security point at the airport.

From Tuesday, departing international passengers will use the new system that includes a new conveyor system for checking hand luggage and new scanning booth for individual passengers, the airport said.

O R Tambo International Airport GM, Bongiwe Pityi, said the new system complies with the highest global standards for airport security.

“There are only a few of these high-tech passenger security screening systems in use around the world, and we are very pleased to again be leading the way in terms of enhancing both security and the passenger experience.

“Passengers will find that with the new system there will almost be no need for physical pat-downs of passengers who set off security alarms because the scanning technology is much better at detecting objects that should not be carried on or around the person,” Pityi said.

The GM said the first change that passengers will notice is a security turnstile before entering the security area, where boarding passes will be verified electronically before passengers are allowed to proceed to the scanning area.

There will also be less frequent requirements for laptops to be removed from bags and switched on.

The pilot of the Smart Security checkpoint will run until the end of January 2017, when its effectiveness will be assessed and possible improvements identified.

Airports Company South Africa said that over time it should be feasible to introduce the system across the airports it operates.

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O R Tambo wants to eliminate ‘physical pat-downs’ with new scanners