A look inside this awesome shipping container classroom that seats 27 learners

 ·26 May 2018

Skills shortages and challenges in delivering quality education in rural areas in South Africa stresses the importance of smart education solutions for businesses, communities and the education system, notes Sizwe Africa IT Group.

Globalisation and international trade continues to highlight the importance of a competitive advantage to compete in the global marketplace. This necessitates governments and businesses to invest in ongoing training and to maintain pressure on education systems to deliver a healthy future workforce, the group said.

“The education system in South Africa faces severe challenges, such as accessibility to schools in rural areas and access to up-to-date resources. Studies show that learners lack basic skills and knowledge compared to peers across the world. The knock-on effect on universities and the workforce can be seen in low graduation rates and high unemployment rates.”

Internships and on-going in-house training are great ways to bridge the gap but more can be done to ensure a stronger educational foundation and a competitive future workforce, Sizwe Africa said.

The group has unveiled a state-of-the-art mobile education centre. “Sizwe’s solar-powered Green Smart Centres provide businesses and government schools, especially in rural areas, with secure and self-sustaining computer-driven classroom facilities,” it said.

It said that the mobile structures seat 27 learners and can be transferred between locations. “Each centre can extend its reach with a wireless router that can facilitate additional external devices such as laptops, smartphones and computers.”

Sizwe said educators using the centre will be fully trained by the online content provider and will support the demand for full-time educators. Interactive e-learning content supplied by the online content provider consists of interactive copy, videos and assessments, which supplement all major subjects in the public and private school syllabus.

Each centre comes with an interactive smartboard that allows educators to record and save lessons, notes, verbal explanations and comments onto the server. Educators can develop unlimited educational material and resources. All learning information, progress monitoring, assessment data and reports are stored locally within the unit.

All viewing screens and furnishings are securely bolted and a security camera keeps a close eye on the classroom and server room.

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