Here are 10 high paying jobs in South Africa with the least competition

Arguably things like company ratings, perk, benefits, and salary all come to mind for the average job seeker. But one factor that the best job seekers out there should also consider is the competitiveness of a job title.

When applying for your dream job, it is always important to consider how many other candidates are vying for the same role.

When there is less competition, there is at least one job per job title out there for every active job seeker.

This can help improve your chances of landing a hot job, unlike some 500,000 applicants that applied for just 2,500 open positions at Tesla in 2017 and only had a one in 200 chance of getting a job.

According to Adzuna, an online job aggregator, the jobs with the least amount of competition aren’t low-skill or low-wage jobs at all. It analysed over 140,000 online job listings and highlighted the jobs that all pay very well and lack the intensity of fierce competition.

Here are 10 high paying jobs in South Africa with the least competition:

1. Actuarial Analyst

  • Average salary: R619,992

Actuarial analysts that are employed within the insurance industry use statistical models to analyse data and calculate the probability of and costs associated with certain events, such as product failure, accidents, property damage, injury and death. The results these analysts acquire are then used to help design and price insurance policies.

2. Systems Analyst

  • Average salary: R615,593

As a systems analyst, you will be employed within the IT industry where you will work on solving problems related to computer technology. You might also be required to set up new computer systems and develop new software applications to increase computer productivity.

3. Supply Chain Manager

  • Average salary: R548,985

Although it does involve logistics and the purchase of inventory, the role of a supply chain manager also involves making recommendations to improve productivity, quality, and efficiency of operations within the company. Supply chain managers might also be tasked with overseeing operations such as shipping and warehousing.

4. Application Development Manager

  • Average salary: R643,438

Application development managers are responsible for a team that monitors, analyses, designs, and develops a company’s computer software applications. These managers are generally also in charge of maintaining, supporting, and upgrading existing systems and applications needed to keep the business operational.

5. Business Continuity Manager

  • Average salary: R1,012,209

Business continuity managers are responsible for documenting recovery plans. They are also in charge of performing risk management assessments in order to find the costs associated with any interruptions.

6. SHEQ Officer

  • Average salary: R537,204

As a SHEQ manager, you are in charge of the safety, health environment, and quality assurance side of the business. You will supervise and coordinate work systems to ensure that the products or services of the company meet the highest quality standards and that the working conditions of the company are favourable and safe.

7. Risk Manager

  • Average salary: R594,932

Risk managers have to provide a methodology to identify and analyse the financial impact of loss to the organization, employees, the public, and the environment. They also prepare risk management and insurance budgets and allocate claim costs and premiums to departments and divisions within companies.

8. Network Engineer

  • Average salary: R528,220

Network engineers have the responsibility of setting up, developing, and maintaining computer networks within organisations or between organisations. Their aim is always to ensure the integrity of high availability network infrastructure to provide maximum performance for their users.

9. Audit Manager

  • Average salary: R536,064

Audit managers are expected to perform tasks such as identifying risks and managing them. They also produce reports highlighting issues within the company finances and then provide potential solutions for those problems. Furthermore, audit managers are responsible for ensuring compliance with internal and external audit requirements.

10. C# Developer

  • Average salary: R528,558

Because C# spans across multiple platforms, C# developers are able to create just about any type of app. These developers are responsible for ensuring that the backend of any web-based programs and applications perform well. They write codes and are tasked with characterizing website composition according to client needs.

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Here are 10 high paying jobs in South Africa with the least competition